Step 10: Leverage Social Media and Web 2.0 Sites for Traffic

Find other channels to bring traffic to your blog

Building brand awareness and traffic to your blog is a long and slow process. You cannot just depending on your email list and the search engines to send you traffic. You should reach out to your potential audiences in the places that they usually hang out and find out a way to present your brand to them.

Social Media To Have Account On:

When it comes to social media, it is pretty much Facebook these days. In Facebook you will find groups and pages for almost any topic in the world. And it is very likely that there will be groups for your niche topic as well. You should post content and reply to posts in such places.

YouTube is not just a video hosting platform but also the No.2 search engine in the world. A lot of people come to YouTube directly and search for what they are looking for.

Posting videos about topics to your niche will help you leverage traffic from YouTube. You can link back to your website from YouTube using annotations, links in the description and using the brand new YouTube cards.

Another great way to get traffic would be Just like YouTube is for videos, SlideShare is for presentations. If you post presentations related to the topics in your niche, it will get some views.

People will come directly from the search engines to your SlideShare presentations. Since SlideShare has good authority on Google’s eyes, the content in SlideShare will be easier to rank than the content on your own blog, at least initially.

Reddit is another place to get traffic and attention. Similar to Facebook and YouTube you will find groups and forums about any topic inside Reddit. You can share your blog posts inside Reddit and if they are good, people will upvote it and it will get even more traffic.

With any of the social and web 2.0 websites you have to be extremely careful. If you come across as being spammy or self-promotional, you may be banned. Similar rules apply to guest posting, commenting and participating in forums as well.

If you have a LinkedIn account, they will allow you to post articles on LinkedIn. These articles get good circulation within the LinkedIn community and sometimes it has the potential to go viral. Create good content and you will get the attention. Also make sure that you just don’t give away free content. The content should be useful but incomplete and it should point back to your website for closure. You will get people to visit your website only if you do it that way.

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1. Select Topics For Your Blog – Create a bucket of ideas & Strategise your Future Blog Posts 20 mins
2. Identify The Distribution Channel – Build Credibility For Yourself 20 mins
3. Plan your Content – Start with writing a great blog post 10 mins
4. Get your first 100 Subscriber – Initial Set of Audience 10 mins
5. Set Up System That Will Help You Reach 1000 Readers – Time to Grow Your Audience 10 mins
6. Create Social Media Channel For Your Blog – Create Brand For Your Blog 30 mins
7. Create A Facebook Group For Your Niche – Aggregate An Audience In a Forum or Group 30 mins
8. Build More Traffic – Get Going with Forums!  10 mins
9. Submit Guest Posts on Relevant Blogs – Bring backlinks to your blog 5 mins
10. Leverage Social Media & Web 2.o Sites For Traffic – Find other channels to bring traffic to your blog 10 mins
11. Create Content by Interviewing Experts – Bring on the Experts 15 mins