Step 11: Create Content By Interviewing Experts

Bring on the Experts

Once your blog grows to a certain size, say 1,000 readers, you will get a lot of new topic ideas through questions from your audience. One of the best ways to build content and traffic in the initial stages of blogging is to interview experts in your niche.

Benefits of Interviewing Experts

  • Build Relationships: You build a good relationship with experts in your industry and they will become your friends.
  • High Acceptance: Mostly, they will accept to do an interview with you because everyone needs to satisfy their ego and get attention! But more than that many people want to help others with their knowledge. So if you reach out to 10 people with the right reasons and the right way, At least 5 of them will say Yes!
  • Free Content: By interviewing others, you are generating free content for your blog. Coming up with questions doesn’t take much time but they will spend a lot of time answering the questions – for free. Most of the time you will end up getting a 1,000 to 1,500 words of content at no cost.
  • Free Traffic: Once you publish an interview with an expert on your blog, you will generate some free exposure because they will share this page with their followers and audience. They may even post and update on their blog linking back to you.
  • Branding by Association: You get good branding for yourself and your blog through association. (Imagine how would you look at me if I published an interview with Bill Gates on my blog!)
  • Learning: You will learn a lot from interacting with them – more than what your readers will learn from the interview that you publish.


There are different types of interview content that you can publish on your blog. Some of the common ones are:

  1. Text Based Interview
  2. Online Video Interview
  3. Live Video Interviews

1. Text Based Interview

The standard format is a text based interview where you send them a set of questions and they get back with the answers. We have done 100+ interviews like that our blog and will continue to do more.

You can find them here: Interviews with Digital Marketing Experts

You can see that we have asked a variety of questions and they have replied in detail for every question which gives a lot of free and valuable content for our readers.

The good thing with text based interviews is that they are scalable. You can send a similar set of questions to more than 10 experts and then keep following up until you get a response. You can then tweak the questions based on their answers for the initial questions.

Text interviews are so effective that people publish books by interviewing experts!

You can check the book Blog Blazers; it is a book full of interviews. Each interview has the same set of questions!

The person who published this book created a ton of value very quickly with little effort!

2. Online Video Interviews

Online video interviews are easier than text interviews because it is much faster. Writing takes time and one has to edit their responses and make sure they are grammatically correct and so on.

If you are doing a live video interview all you have to do is ask the questions on video and they will reply. It could be like a typical conversation via Skype except for the fact that you will be recording it and publishing it on your website.

A typical video interview looks like this:

audience for your blog 3

The entire process can be done within 15-30 minutes and with minimal editing can be uploaded to YouTube and published on your blog.

Suggestions: There are plenty of tutorials on Google if you search for “how to take video interviews”. You just need Skype and a video editing software to get this done.

3. Live Video Interviews

Live video interviews is not always possible because it needs you and the other person to be in the same place at the same time.

However if you get an opportunity to meet an expert and if they can spend 10-15 minutes with you, you can get a live video interview done in a jiffy. Of course, you need to have a video camera with you but I believe today’s high end phones are more than enough to take good videos.

audience for your blog 4

You can check out live interviews on blog Blogger’s Ideas.

One of the best places to meet up with experts is events. Make sure you go well groomed to events and have a camera with you. You will be able to do 3-5 interviews on a single day.

The trick here is not be a perfectionist. If you are trying to take a perfect video you may never get it done. Getting things done is better than trying to make a perfect thing done.

All it takes is an email sent to someone influential in your network and you got the ball rolling!

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