Step 6: Create Social Media Channel For Your Blog

Create Brand For Your Blog

Now that you have some articles in your blog and some readers as well, it is time to create a brand for your blog that spread across social media. A brand should be present in many places and it should have a consistent communication with the followers of a brand. Be consistent with your logos and brand message wherever you go.

Apart from your personal social media channels, it is time to create profiles for your blog.

Create a Facebook page for your blog and setup the basics such as logo, cover image and description. You can also create a twitter account, Instagram account, Pinterest account, Google+ page and a LinkedIn company page.

Whenever you post a new article, you can share the link to that article in all these channels.


Gaining the Initial Followers

Initially when you open your social media channels, you will have almost no followers.

The first few followers may be your friends and contacts but you will not be able to get followers in triple digits at least for several weeks.

This creates a negative social proof. People may think that your brand is not popular and that may prevent them from following you even if you are writing good content.

So here’s a cool trick. There is a network called where you can follow other’s social media channels and in return you will get social media followers to your channel.


Be careful not to overdo it because most of them here are not active on social media. Many people will be using fake accounts to follow you. But that’s OK to some extent because your blog will not look like a lonely blog in the world wide web.

You can create an account at which will help you push your social media updates across many social profiles at once.

Remember that your email list will always be your primary channel for communication with your followers. But social media will help you gain new followers and social activity which you may not get in email. Use social media along with your email list to have the maximum impact.

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