Step 7: Create A Facebook Group for Your Niche

Aggregate All Audience In a Forum or Group

Many bloggers create a forum within their blog. It could be like

There are free and paid forum scripts that you can install on your blog but we wouldn’t recommend it in the beginning. It is difficult to maintain a forum and it also costs money for hosting.

Maybe you can consider having a self-hosted forum sometime in the future when your blog grows enough. But to start with the best idea would be to create a Facebook group for your blog.

You can encourage your followers to ask questions in this group and you should spend time in answering their questions.

You should also spend a few hours every week in moderating the forum. It is usually fun and doesn’t feel like work.

For eg: Digital Deepak blog’s about digital marketing and also has a Facebook group for digital marketers. It helps him share his blog posts to a core audience and from there he also ask ideas for new blogs posts.


  • run polls to understand more about the audience
  • answer member’s questions
  • Understand their questions will give you insights into what kind of posts you should be publishing on your blog.
  • If you can start a Facebook group and get it to 100 members, it would then grow organically. You can either keep it as an open group or a closed group. A closed group would give you more privacy and it would help you in connecting with your audience better.
  • To drive more members to this group, you should advertise it on your blog and your email signature

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4. Get your first 100 Subscriber – Initial Set of Audience 2 hours
5. Set Up System That Will Help You Reach 1000 Readers – Time to Grow Your Audience 30 mins
6. Create Social Media Channel For Your Blog – Create Brand For Your Blog 1 hour
7. Create A Facebook Group For Your Niche – Aggregate An Audience In a Forum or Group 1 hour
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