Task: Conceptualize your Keywords & Ads for Google Adwords

Digital Marketing Tasks (Beta)

Skill Level: Intermediate | Duration: 1.5 hrs | Steps: 2

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  1. You should have Google Adwords Account. If you do not have Google Adwords account or if you think you haven’t set in up properly, do complete “Task: Setup your Google Adwords Account” before the up this task.

Please note that in this task, we will be conceptualizing our keywords & ad text in an Excel Sheet only. You will be updating them in your adwords account in your next task “Task: Create your Ads & start getting clicks

What Steps will you be taking?

You will take following 2 Simple steps to conceptualize your Keywords & Ads for Google Adwords:

No. Step Duration
1. Work in detail with Keyword Research – What Keywords are your audience using? 60 mins
2. Conceptualize your ad copy – Create Relevant Ads for Relevant Users 30 mins

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