Convert A Free Blog into a Self Hosted Blog

Digital Marketing Tasks (BETA)

Skill Level: Intermediate | Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes | Steps: 8

convert free blog into paid blog

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  1. You must have a free hosted blog on / Blogger / Tumblr. If not, you can start by creating a Blog on with our Task.
  2. Willingness to spend few thousand rupees on buying hosting and a domain name. 

What Steps will you be taking?

You will take following 8 simple steps to start blogging with free hosted blog:

No. Step Duration
1. Buy URL and Hosting For Your Blog – Get The Paid Space Online 30 mins
2. Transfer Data From Free Blog – Exporting and Importing the data to self hosted blog 20 mins 
3. Redirecting Old Blog to A New Blog – Do not miss on the search engine earnings 20 mins
4. Change theme of the blog – Make it look appealing 10 mins
5. Create Page, Set Home page & add them in the Menu – Build the website 1 hour
6. Connect Google Webmaster – Work on search engine optimisation 30 mins
7. Integrate Google Analytics Account – Analyse your traffic and generate reports 20 mins
8. Add Forms – For lead generation!  30 mins

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We are good people. We don’t spam.