Step 4: Change theme of the blog – Make it look appealing

Make it look appealing

Click on appearance


theme2This is the screen that you will see. Click the “Add New” button.

You’ll reach the Theme Install page. Here you can see Featured, Popular, or Latest themes and install them. You can also search for a specific theme if you want. Recommended themes are Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Ten, Responsive, and Omega, because they are clean and easy to set up.


Search for your theme and install it. Refer to the screenshot below.


Click ‘Activate’ to activate your theme.


After your theme is activated, you can go to the ‘Customizer’ to customize your site.


You can click on the respective sections highlighted below to expand them and change the settings there.


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No. Step Duration
1. Buy URL and Hosting For Your Blog – Get The Paid Space Online 30 mins
2. Transfer Data From Free Blog – Exporting and Importing the data to self hosted blog 20 mins
3. Redirecting Old Blog to A New Blog – Do not miss on the search engine ranking 20 mins
4. Change theme of the blog – Make it look appealing 10 mins
5. Create Page, Set Home page & add them in the Menu – Build the website 1 hour
6. Connect Google Webmaster – Work on search engine optimisation 30 mins
7. Integrate Google Analytics Account – Analyse your traffic and generate reports 30 mins
8. Add Forms – For lead generation!  30 mins