Create Page, Set Home page & add them in the Menu

Build the Website!

1. Create a new page and name it “Home”

step 5 1

Set this page as home page in “Reading Settings”

step 5 2

2. To create your navigation menu, click Appearance, and then click menus under that.

step 5 3

You’ll see a screen similar to the above. Click ‘Create Menu’ to create your menu.

step 5 4

You can select items in the left side and click ‘Add to Menu’ to add them to the menu. Don’t forget to check the checkbox called ‘Primary Menu’, then click ‘Save Menu’ to save your menu.

step 5 5

You can click an item’s ‘dropdown arrow’ at the right to expand and edit/delete it. You can also drag and drop items to rearrange. When you’re done, don’t forget to save your menu.

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No. Step Duration
1. Buy URL and Hosting For Your Blog – Get The Paid Space Online 30 mins
2. Transfer Data From Free Blog – Exporting and Importing the data to self hosted blog 20 mins
3. Redirecting Old Blog to A New Blog – Do not miss on the search engine earnings 20 mins
4. Change theme of the blog – Make it look appealing 10 mins
5. Create Page, Set Home page & add them in the Menu – Build the website 1 hour
6. Connect Google Webmaster – Work on search engine optimisation 30 mins
7. Integrate Google Analytics Account – Analyse your traffic and generate reports 30 mins
8. Add Forms – For lead generation!  30 mins