Step 6: Connect Google Webmaster

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Google Webmaster is critical to ensure your success on search engine. It will help you to analyse the search teams that are giving traffic to your blog. It will also help you to keep a check on spams and any crawling errors on your website.

How to setup your Search Console account?

(Information taken from Google help documents)

You’ll need to verify your site in Search Console for us to show you data we’ve aggregated, such as search terms your site shows up for in Google Search, how it ranks on those terms, and how many users are clicking on your site’s listing. We’ll also let you know if we notice issues with your site, such as malware, hacking, or violations of our Webmaster Guidelines. We require verification because we want to make sure we’re giving important and private information to the actual site owner.

1: Sign in to Search Console with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll need to create one.

2: Once you sign in, click on add a site.

3: Verify that you’re the owner of the site by doing one of the following:

4: Upload a file to your server

5: Add a meta tag to your website’s HTML

6: Add a new DNS record

We might not have data ready for you to look at right after you verify your site, so check back after a few days. If you’re having trouble, read this Site verification Help Center article for more detailed instructions.

1: Go to Plugin Session

g web 1

2:  Search for WordPress SEO in “Add New” Section and install Yoast SEO plugin

g web 2

After installation, you will have to activate the plugin in the Plugin section. After activation, you will be able to “SEO” link in the menu Item.

3: Set your webmaster id in SEO plugin.

g web 3

Just in case you face any issue in integrating Web Master, you can read the instructions on the following page:

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