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You might need to add forms in your blog for various objectives including subscriptions and lead generation. Here is the step by step guide to add forms on your blog.

  1. Go to ‘Plugins’, and click ‘Add New’.

2. Search for your plugin and click ‘Install Now’

Click ‘Activate Plugin’  on the next screen.

forms 4

Go to ‘Forms’

You’ll see that one form is already there. Click ‘Edit’ to edit this form.

forms 5

Under the edit section, you can add, remove or edit the fields in the form

Under the ‘Emails and Actions’ tab, you can edit and create email messages for the admin and the user. You can also edit success messages after filling the form.

forms 7

form 122

forms 9

Adding the from to a page

There are a lot of ways to add this form to your page.

Method 1: Shortcode

This is useful if you want to add a form anywhere within the content of a page. To do this, go to forms, and copy the shortcode for the respective form.

forms 10

Add or Edit a page or post and paste this shortcode anywhere within the content.

forms 11

Then click update to save the page.

forms 12

Method 2: Via Widget

Go to Appearance-> Widgets

forms 13

Drag and drop Ninja Forms Widget into ‘Main Sidebar’.

forms 15

Select the form that you need to show, and click ‘Save’

forms 16

Your form will show up in the sidebar on all pages now.

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