Step 4: Collect or Create Basic Website Content

Time to write all the content for the website

Why & What

  1. For each of the webpages you have decided for your website, collect or create the following content. Please note, While finally adding content in website template, you will have to make minor adjustments. Right now you are arranging all the raw content for your website
    Textual Web Content The written content that is on the page, both inside images and in text blocks.


    Multimedia Web Content Images Photos, Clip arts, drawings etc. that are optimized for fast download
    Videos Short duration videos that emphasize critical aspects of your products/services


  1. If you are looking for relevant images, you can buy it from website like,, or you can get it created through freelancers on website like, and odesk.
  2. Write for the Web, rather than simply copy-and-pasted from a print source.
  3. Insert good internal links to help readers get more information and aid in scanning the text.
  4. Write for a global audience even if your business is local.

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No. Step Duration
1. Choose a Domain Name – Is the domain name of your choice available for purchase? Let’s check 20 mins
2. Register & Host Your Domain Name – Time to commit 20 mins
3. Plan the Webpages – Decide the information you want to add on website 20 mins
4. Collect or Create Basic Website Content – Time to write all the content for the website 3 hrs
5. Install WordPress on Your Website – Let’s start creating website now 20 mins
6. Install a WordPress Theme – Start customizing your Website 20 mins
7. Install Useful Plugins- Add basic functionalities in your website 15 mins
8. Import Media Files – Add all the images & Videos 10 mins
9. Customize Your Website (Part 1) – Customize the Title, Tagline & Icon Image 10 mins
10. Customize the Selected Theme (Part 2) – Set Footer, Logo and other basic elements of your theme 20 mins
11. Create Website Pages and their Navigation System – Create Dummy Home page & other pages and set the website Menu 30 mins
12. Update the Webpages with Planned Content – Write the final copy of all WebPages 60 mins
13. Add a Call-To-Action to the Home Page – Prepare your website to generate leads 20 mins
14. Set the SEO parameters for the webpages – Make your website SEO Friendly 20 mins
15. Activate Google Analytics – Set your website to measure all critical metrics 15 mins