Create A Strategy To Generate Traffic on Your Online Presence

Digital Marketing Task (Beta)

Skill Level: For Everyone | Duration: 2 hrs | Steps: 5

Creating Strategy to Generate Traffic on Online Presence
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This task is for Inbound Marketers. Inbound Marketers do not sale their product or services. They serve their target audience and sales happen. This task is the 1st step in that direction.  In this task you will learn how to pull users from other sources to your online presence.

Note: This task will leave you frustrated! At the end, you will be able to identify ways to pull users from other sources to your website. But we will not be implementing the strategy at this stage. For implementation, you need to build an in-depth understanding of other channels.  If you already have that expertise, you can start with the implementation on your own.

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What Steps will you be taking?

You will take following 5 simple steps to create a strategy to generate traffic on your online presence:

No. Step Duration
1. Take a business Case – Select a case where you need to fulfill the objective 10 mins
2. Identify the online sources Target Audiences are visiting – Clear understanding of source and medium 15 mins
3. Shortlist Sources Based on Popularity – Shortlist sources based on their popularity in your network 30 mins
4. Shortlist The Mediums You Will Be Going After – Be more selective 15 mins
5. Identify the Magnets to pull users from shortlisted sources to your website- Think about magnets that will make audience to take the desired action 45 mins

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