Step 1: Take a Business Case

Select a case where you need to fulfill the objective

In this task, we will be pulling users from other channels like Search Engines, Facebook and Blogs to your online presence.  As a first step, you should take a real business case in which you need to fulfill this objective.  If you already have a business to work on, you can work on that as well or else you can think of any real business that you are not involved with.

Example Cases:

  1. Generating traffic for Flipkart (
  2. Generating traffic for Infosys (
  3. Generating Traffic for Digital Vidya (
  4. Generating traffic for Cry Foundation (
  5. Increase the returns on investment in your reach building efforts in your existing business 

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No. Step Duration
1. Take a business Case – Select a case where you need to fulfill the objective 10 mins
2. Identify the online sources Target Audiences are visiting – Clear understanding of source and medium 15 mins
3. Shortlist Sources Based on Popularity – Shortlist sources based on their popularity in your network 30 mins
4. Shortlist The Mediums You Will Be Going After – Be more selective 15 mins
5. Identify the Magnets to pull users from shortlisted sources to your website- Think about magnets that will make audience to take the desired action 45 mins