Step 3: Shortlist Sources based on popularity

Shortlist sources based on their popularity in your network

If you have made a huge list of sources in the last step, you will have to shortlist a few important sources, where you will get maximum value for your investments. In this step we will try to shortlist the sources based on their popularity in your Target Audiences.

Assessing popularity needs to be done differently for different sources. Here are some of the common ways to assess the popularity of some of the leading channels:

  1. Google: Use Keyword Planner Tool to assess the search volume of relevant keywords:
    Make a list of keywords your target audiences are using and then assess the search volume of all those keywords. For example, if your target audience search for “Nail Paints” while looking for the products that you have, you need to have some idea about what is the search volume of keywords related to Nail Paints. To do that, you can use Google Keyword Planner Tool ( Please note that you need to create Google Adwords account to use this tool. If you do not have one, following task will help you to create one:

Following are the results of Average Monthly Search Volume in India for all keywords related to “Nail Paint”:


  1. Facebook: How many people are there on Facebook, which are relevant to your Business? You can use Facebook Ads creation interface to assess this number.
    1. Go to: page
    2. Select “Send people on your website”
    3. Try any URL in the next stage and press “Set Audience & Budget”
    4. Now select the Audience parameters to define your target audience. Like in the image below we are selecting “Women living in New York, who are interested in cooking” and the number is 3.3 Million.



  1. Twitter: Try creating an Ad on twitter using and set the objective as “WEBSITE CLICKS OR CONVERSIONS”. Now you can define your audience and in the audience Summary, twitter will let you know the estimaited reach:


  1. Blogs, Other Websites and Community Portals: You can checkout details on, , & It will give you some idea about volume of traffic these websites are receiving. You will not be able to get detailed view of there visitors in most of the cases. You will have to rely on your judgment.
  2. If you have shortlisted some emails list providers or some specific channels for which public data is not available. You can talk to the concerned persons and take further details from them.


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No. Step Duration
1. Take a business Case – Select a case where you need to fulfill the objective 10 mins
2. Identify the online sources Target Audiences are visiting – Clear understanding of source and medium 15 mins
3. Shortlist Sources Based on Popularity – Shortlist sources based on their popularity in your network 30 mins
4. Shortlist The Mediums You Will Be Going After – Be more selective 15 mins
5. Identify the Magnets to pull users from shortlisted sources to your website- Think about magnets that will make audience to take the desired action 45 mins