Step 4: Shortlist the Mediums you will be going after

Mediums are nothing but the ways to bring water from source tap. Following list shows some of the known ways of getting traffic from sources:

Here are some of the examples of mediums:

  1. Organic (traffic that comes to your website as a result of unpaid search results)
  2. Paid (traffic that comes to your website as a result of someone clicking on the ads)
  3. Email (someone clicking on the link to website in the email)
  4. Affiliate: (If the publishers on your source website lists your product or service and ask for commission out of business you generate as a result of that, it will be classed as affiliate)
  5. Referral: (Someone of the other channel with refer your website)


  1. All mediums are not possible on all sources. For example, On search engines, Organic & paid are the only medium possible. On Email List, Email is the only medium possible. For Social media, you can have Paid, Referral, Email Mediums.

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No. Step Duration
1. Take a business Case – Select a case where you need to fulfill the objective 10 mins
2. Identify the online sources Target Audiences are visiting – Clear understanding of source and medium 15 mins
3. Shortlist Sources Based on Popularity – Shortlist sources based on their popularity in your network 30 mins
4. Shortlist The Mediums You Will Be Going After – Be more selective 15 mins
5. Identify the Magnets to pull users from shortlisted sources to your website- Think about magnets that will make audience to take the desired action 45 mins