Segmenting your Target Audience

Dividing your audience for better communications and campaign performance

Drip email campaigns or behavioural email campaigns are all about creating segments of your target audience and targeting them accordingly. All you need to do in this step is to create the base for segmenting your target audience. Generally, it is based on 4 main categories:

  • Action / Event (Eg: User filled up the form to download the product brochure or a free guide)
  • Attribute (Eg: Age, Gender, Occupation etc based on details submitted by the user)
  • Email (Eg: Invite to download the Free Guide sent, follow us on social media email opened or did not open etc)
  • Page (Eg: User came to your product page)


For this Task, we have selected emails as the only tracking base for setting up further communications.  You can send out a generic email to all your audience and based on their engagement with your campaign and communications you can stream down further communications.


If you have more information regarding the user,  you can also set up information by adding user attributes as the initial base for sending first level of communications. 
Let us explain with Digital Vidya’s example, where any individual who fills out the query form for the course can be a marketing professional, a sales individual, an entrepreneur or maybe a student. The motive of enrolling to the digital marketing program is different for all these individuals. We can add their profession as an attribute next to their profile for better and more personalised communication.

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No. Step Duration
1. Set Up Campaign Goal –Set up your goal and achieve it with further actions 15 mins
2. Segmenting your Target Audience –Dividing your audience for better communications and campaign performance 15 mins
3. Create Work Flow of Action – Start with creating a basic workflow of actions and communication strategy 30 mins
4. Design Your Email Communications- Write relevant, crisp and effective emails for better performing campaigns 30 mins
5. Get Started With A Behavioural Marketing Tool – Use to set up campaigns 10 mins
6. Start with Creating Segmentation – Segregate users based on attributes 30 mins
7. Setting up email triggers – Create action based email campaigns framework 30 mins
8. Analysie and Tweek Your Campaigns- Improve campaign’s performance 10 mins