Step 4: Design Your Emails

Write relevant, crisp and effective emails for better performing campaigns

Based on your understanding of target audience and action you want them to perform or learn. Take time to write crisp yet effective emails for each action. Write relevant, polite yet casual and interesting emails to guide the users. Do not lecture them! You need to position your company as a source which the user should not afraid to connect or ask guidance from.

Based on your business type and action required in email, understand what type of email campaigns that will work for you and integrate them:

  1. Top of Mind: Education the user, build trust worthiness to ensure that when they are ready to buy the product they BUY IT FROM YOU!
  2. Promotional: Entice user with special offers / discounts. Creating an urgency to perform a specific action immediately.
  3. Training: Does your product requires some knowledge or research work to be done in advance. Provide your user with further explanation, motivating them how the product will help them to achieve desired goals.
  4. Re-engagement: These can be the cold leads, who have lost interest in your product. Maybe they tried the free version of your product and did not like it. Sending email campaign to re engage with them and melt the ice.

You can start with a plain text email, if you are planning to go for a high conversion rate emails from the start then keep in mind the following things:

  1. Location of your call to action matters the most. Let your call to action lie in the first fold of email.
  2. Buttons are easy to locate and have high click rate that text links.
  3. Headlines which tells a story leads to more click. Add Read More button to the long stories.
  4. Explain the importance of performing the next desired action even before clicking on email. Eg: Use GIF to demonstrate the how the product works.
  5. Be clear about the types of emails suitable at each stage of user cycle and integrate your communication accordingly.

You must not complicate this step. All you need to make your emails based on: How the next desired action will help user?

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No. Step Duration
1. Set Up Campaign Goal –Set up your goal and achieve it with further actions 15 mins
2. Segmenting your Target Audience –Dividing your audience for better communications and campaign performance 15 mins
3. Create Work Flow of Action – Start with creating a basic workflow of actions and communication strategy 30 mins
4. Design Your Email Communications- Write relevant, crisp and effective emails for better performing campaigns 30 mins
5. Get Started With A Behavioural Marketing Tool – Use to set up campaigns 10 mins
6. Start with Creating Segmentation – Segregate users based on attributes 30 mins
7. Setting up email triggers – Create action based email campaigns framework 30 mins
8. Analysie and Tweek Your Campaigns- Improve campaign’s performance 10 mins