Step 6: Start With Creating Segment

Segregate users based on attributes

All you need to do is to create segments based on actions performed by users on your website or with your email campaigns. Keep in mind that the segments will be your base of communication.

Start by clicking on Segments tab on the left panel and then click on “Create Segment”.


Based on the action, you can start with creating the conditions for segmenting. Like we have for Amazon in the below image, which is targeting people who visited the home page.


You can create the segments based on:

  • Attributes: Form filled by the user
  • Event: Action performed by user. For eg: Submitted a form, started a free trial etc
  • Page: Specific Page visited by the user
  • Email: For eg: Specific email been sent / clicked or opened

It’s based on your end objective that you can segment your audience. Also, you can add multiple conditions to create a more personalised communication.  For eg: The image below shows the segment created for people to whom an email was sent to subscribe to the blog and they even clicked on the email with first blog link and opened email with second blog. This segment will be really interested in blogs and must have a higher conversion rate as well.


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