Step 4: Complete advanced Group Settings

Time to set the privileges of users in this group

Why & What?

While the settings described earlier are sufficient to create the group, there are other important settings that you need to make:

  • Group Icon: optionally select an icon for your group. You cannot use a custom icon; you have to choose one of the standard Facebook icons! Choose a stylish icon that most accurately describes your group.
  • Group Type: select a group type (family, close friends, team, support,…) Again, you can select one of the standard Facebook Group Types or select Custom type.
  • Membership Approval: Select how new members are added – your choices are Any member can add or approve members or Any member can add members, but an admin must approve them.
  • Web and Email Address: [THIS SETTING CANNOT BE CHANGED ONCE SET!] You can customize the web address and email address of your group for easy access. Set a unique representative phrase of maximum 50 alphanumeric characters, for example, HRProfessionalSuccess and your group’s web address becomes and your group’s email address becomes
  • Description: Write a brief, easy-to-read description (maximum 3000 characters) that contains the main keywords of your group’s purpose integrated in an organic, friendly manner. This is where you tell the world (if the group is a public or closed group anyway) why your group is so awesome, what it is all about and what kind of experience they can expect if they join. Do set the basic focus, tone and expectations of the group here, even for secret groups.
  • Tags: Enter tags or keywords (phrases) that best describe the purpose of your group. You are prompted a combined keyword based on your inputs. For example, if you enter Social Media, Small Business, Marketing, the combined tag is shown as Social Media Marketing for Small Business. You can enter up to three such combined tags.
  • Posting Permissions: Select who can post in the group. Your choices are Members and admins can post to the group or Only admins can post to the group. Use the later option only when the posting by members has gone out-of-control!
  • Post Approval: Set whether the posts need to be approved by an admin before they appear in the group. A well-behaved group does not require such control. A public group definitely requires this restriction.


  • Do complete all settings fully and correctly – no grammatical or spelling mistakes!
  • While the above settings can be changed any time, do plan them carefully. Once you have a larger membership, changing these settings may require concurrence of and debate among many persons.

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No. Step Duration
1. Set the Group Objective – Be clear of the reason why you are creating the Facebook Group 10 mins
2. Create your group and complete basic settings – Time to get started! 5 mins
3. Update Group Title Image – Critical aspect of your group that will set the right expectations 15 mins
4. Complete advanced Group Settings – Time to set the privileges of users in this group 15 mins
5. Set clear guidelines – Decide the type of conversations people can have in this group 20 mins
6. Create the initial content – Create Welcome posts before inviting your friends 20 mins
7. Install Facebook Groups App – Add Credibility in your profile 10 mins
8. Launch your Group – Time to go Live! 20 mins
9. Get 1st 25 members – Group cannot exist without members. You 1st set of users are most critical 30 mins
10. Start with Initial Steps! – Learn to be a great admin! 30 mins