Step 6: Create the initial content

Create Welcome posts before inviting your friends

Why & What?

Before your group gathers a significant number of contributing members, you are its primary content provider. Therefore, you should build a content bank before launching the group.
There are four main types of posts:

  • Text only Posts (statuses)
    The Text Only posts aim to get members to comment and add their voices to the conversation. Ask short questions that require a short answer. For example, you can post “Would you leave your job if you win a million dollars in lottery?” Members can answer yes or no or post longer answers.
    Limit your post to 80-120 characters because anything longer lowers the chance that people will respond. (Especially since so many users are mobile only these days.)
  • Link Posts
    • A “link post” happens when you paste a URL in the status box and Facebook generates a thumbnail, title and description for the story.
    • Link posts are used to generate website traffic. They get people to click on the link and visit the webpage (whether it is your own website or someone else’s). The text portion of your update should be short and should include some sort of call to action to entice people to click the link. For example, you can post “Here are 5 tips to help you lose weight. Number 2 is my favorite, what’s yours?” for a link to the relevant webpage.
  • Photo Posts
    Just like Text Only posts, the Photo posts are used to get member engagement. You want the members to Like and Comment the photo. The catchier the image is, the more likely the members’ engagement.
  • Video Posts
    Videos posts are rare on Facebook. People prefer to add original video content to YouTube and then share the link on Facebook. Since Facebook gives higher rank to photos and videos, you can think of uploading videos directly to Facebook. Your video needs to be informative, your original work (uploading something you do not own could get you deleted), and compelling. Just like Text Only and Photo posts, the Video posts are used to get member engagement.


  • Create a plan for posting the content. Mix up the types of posts so that the members are not bored by same type of posts appearing repeatedly. There is no magic plan for posts; you need to work out the best plan for your group.

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No. Step Duration
1. Set the Group Objective – Be clear of the reason why you are creating the Facebook Group 10 mins
2. Create your group and complete basic settings – Time to get started! 5 mins
3. Update Group Title Image – Critical aspect of your group that will set the right expectations 15 mins
4. Complete advanced Group Settings – Time to set the privileges of users in this group 15 mins
5. Set clear guidelines – Decide the type of conversations people can have in this group 20 mins
6. Create the initial content – Create Welcome posts before inviting your friends 20 mins
7. Install Facebook Groups App – Add Credibility in your profile 10 mins
8. Launch your Group – Time to go Live! 20 mins
9. Get 1st 25 members – Group cannot exist without members. You 1st set of users are most critical 30 mins
10. Start with Initial Steps! – Learn to be a great admin! 30 mins