Create your Google Adwords Ads & Start Getting Clicks

Skill Level: Intermediate | Duration: 1.5 hrs | Steps: 5

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  1. You should have Google Adwords Account. If you do not have Google Adwords account or if you think you haven’t set in up properly, do complete the task “Get Started with your Google Adwords Account” before starting this task.
  2. You should have already completed the Task “Conceptualize your Keywords & Ads for Google Adwords” before starting this task. The work that you have done in that task will be used to complete this task.

Pillars of Google Adwords

What Steps will you be taking?

You will take following 6 simple steps to create and manage email list professionally:

No. Step Duration
1. Edit existing Ad Group and add Keywords 10 mins
2. Add new ad copy in the ad group 20 mins
3. Create new ad groups 20 mins
4. Conversion Tracking 20 mins
5. Add Billing Details 15 mins

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We are good people. We don’t spam.