Step 3: Create new Ad Groups

  1. To add new adgroup click on the campaign in left panel. Click on ‘+ Adgroup’


2  Rename the Adgroup Name to the one you finalized in Task: Conceptualize your Keywords & Ads for Google Adwords”

  1. Add the respective adcopies you have already conceptulized. You can add more adcopies once you are done with the adgroup creation.


  1. Add relevant keywords . You can also add or edit these keywords at the adgroup level as we did above in Step 1.


5. Finally save the adgroup, click on “Set up billing later”


you will reach on campaign page. Do review the adgroups you have created.



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1. Edit existing Ad Group and add Keywords
2. Add new ad copy in the ad group
3. Create new ad groups
4. Conversion Tracking
5. Add Billing Details