Step 1: Answer the Question

Let’s start strategizing your content for the landing page

Why & What?

Before you start creating your landing page, you must address 5 common questions for your Target Audience. The 1st question is “What is it?” We will answer this question in providing Value Proposition and Product (or service) Explanation:

What is Value Proposition?

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It is the primary reason a prospect should buy from you. Therefore, value proposition is a clear statement that:

  • explains how your product solves customers’ problems or improves their situation (relevancy),
  • delivers specific benefits (quantified value),
  • tells the ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition (unique differentiation).

Your value proposition should be the first thing the visitors see on your landing page. The value proposition is usually a block of text (a headline, sub-headline and one paragraph of text) with a visual (photo, hero shot, graphics). However, there is no fixed formula; you are only restricted by your creativity.

For Example, Instagram value proposition is “Fast Beautiful photo sharing”


What is Product Explanation?

Product Explanation (features and benefits) reinforce the Value Proposition.

The benefits describe the problem you are solving, and the features describe what it does. Remember to communicate the benefits of your offering first. Add the features only if you think that visitors may require more details to make a decision.

For example, Instagram is providing Product Explanation by detailed description & relevant screen shots on android & iphone.


  1. Your Value Proposition should be crisp, short, and loud — an attention grabber.
  2. Since your value proposition must set you apart from the competition, you need to present your offering as unique (at least in customer’s mind!) If you are stuck writing your unique Value Proposition, attempt to convey one of these ideas:
    1. It is the BEST QUALITY! Being the best-in-your-class always works!
    2. It give the BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK! Not necessarily lowest price but best quality-to-price ratio!
    3. It provides LUXURY and make you ASPIRE! If you are one of the luxury providers that promise the experience of a wealthy lifestyle to aspirational consumers.
    4. It is a MUST-HAVE!
    5. While writing the benefits, always attempt to answer the question “What will this do for me?” For example, do not say “Motorbike with best mileage in its category!”, instead say something like “One full tank will last you 30 days!”
    6. Typically, you should list the benefits in this flow:
      1. An exciting headline like “Everything You Need to Succeed!”
      2. A brief paragraph summary
      3. 3-5 bullet points for clarity
      4. (Optional) More details of the bullet point descriptions
  1. If you are using videos to highlight your offering, follow these best practices:
    1. Keep the video length to 60 seconds or less. Just deliver the core-marketing message and call to action (CTA).
    2. Mention how long the video is in the landing page copy. Videos of known length have more chance of being played.
    3. Include an attractive and branded video player thumb image that matches the rest of the landing page branding and design.
    4. Design the landing page to create a clear eye path to the video player.
  2. Select the top 3-5 features of your product to convey that your offering is complete and better than the competition. For example, you can say “Plans Available from 1.5 MPS to 150 MPS” for completeness and “Minimum Downtime in most US states and territories” for improvement over the competition.

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No. Step Duration
1. Answer the Question “What is it?” – Let’s start strategising your content for the landing page 30mins
2. Answer the Question “Is It for Me?” – Is your landing page relevant for your audience? 30 mins
3. Answer the Question “What does It Cost?” – Start taking care of concerns of your audience 20 mins
4. Answer the Question “What are the Risks?” – Address possible risks of your audience 30 mins
5. Answer the Question “What is the Next Step?” – Decide the action your customers should take 10 mins
6. Create account on – Let’s get on the tool! 15 mins
7. Create your page on – Time to create your page 1 hr
8. Publish your Landing page – Publish your page! 15 mins