Step 5: Answer the Question - What is the next Step?

Decide the action your customers should take

Why & What

Once your visitor has read or scanned the content of your landing page, she may be any of these states of readiness:

  • Want to Know More.
  • Want to Try.
  • Want to Purchase.
  • Want to Exit. (Bad!)

Depending on your offering, you need to provide call-to-action (CTAs) for each applicable state of readiness.


  1. Make your copy compelling. The actual CTA copy is the most significant copy on your entire landing page. Don’t use the word “submit.” Instead, use something explosive, exciting, and persuasive.
  2. Use a button. Users have been trained to expect the CTA to be a button. Do not attempt to force back years of expectation by using something other than a button. Stick with the tried and true. People know what to do when they see a button.
  3. To address “Want to Know More” state, use CTAs like 1) link to a detailed description page, 2) sign up form for receiving more material, arrange agent visit, arrange physical site visit, arrange product demo, etc. 3) Download brochures and other relevant reading material.
  4. For visitors in “Want to Try” state, use CTAs like 1) Sign up for a free trial 2)
  5. For those who are in “Want to Purchase” state, provide a CTA that is a clear and safe path to purchase.
  6. If your landing page has a high bounce rate (as seen from analytics at later stage), you may want to redesign it!
  7. In this step you are conceptualising the “Next Step”. While actually designing it in the landing page, take care of following design aspects
    1. Make it big — the bigger the better. It should be the most visible part on your landing page.
    2. Use a contrasting color. Your landing page, your company, your stylebook, and your designers all have certain colors that they like. Your landing page has a color scheme. Now, whatever color you use on your CTA, make it different. At the most basic level, your CTA needs to possess color. And, to make it stand out, that color needs to contrast from the other colors on the screen. Contrasting colors help to attract the eye, and compel the click.

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    No. Step Duration
    1. Answer the Question “What is it?” – Let’s start strategising your content for the landing page 30mins
    2. Answer the Question “Is It for Me?” – Is your landing page relevant for your audience? 30 mins
    3. Answer the Question “What does It Cost?” – Start taking care of concerns of your audience 20 mins
    4. Answer the Question “What are the Risks?” – Address possible risks of your audience 30 mins
    5. Answer the Question “What is the Next Step?” – Decide the action your customers should take 10 mins
    6. Create account on – Let’s get on the tool! 15 mins
    7. Create your page on – Time to create your page 1 hr
    8. Publish your Landing page – Publish your page! 15 mins