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Why & What offers tools for building, publishing, and A/B testing your landing pages without coding. Just build, publish, test and optimize!

You have access to a large number of mobile-friendly landing page templates that are easily customizable to meet all your specific requirements.

Instructions to create your free Account on Unbounce

  1. Create an account on using following link. It will help you to create an account, without using credit card.
  2. In the page that appears, enter the required information in the form:
  3. Once completed, click Open My Free Account.
  4. The Thank You form appears:
  5. Provide the required information (all fields are mandatory!) and then click Build a Landing Page.
  6. The Unbounce Landing Page Builder screen appears.
  7. View the Getting Started with Unbounce video.
  8. Log out if you are not ready to build a landing page or else proceed to next step.

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No. Step Duration
1. Answer the Question “What is it?” – Let’s start strategising your content for the landing page 30mins
2. Answer the Question “Is It for Me?” – Is your landing page relevant for your audience? 30 mins
3. Answer the Question “What does It Cost?” – Start taking care of concerns of your audience 20 mins
4. Answer the Question “What are the Risks?” – Address possible risks of your audience 30 mins
5. Answer the Question “What is the Next Step?” – Decide the action your customers should take 10 mins
6. Create account on – Let’s get on the tool! 15 mins
7. Create your page on – Time to create your page 1 hr
8. Publish your Landing page – Publish your page! 15 mins