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Why & What

The Unbounce landing page builder includes a large selection of high-converting mobile responsive templates in an online drag and drop interface. Another important feature is that Unbounce lets you fully customize everything.

Instructions to create Landing page on

  1. Go through Sample Landing page created using Unbounce
  2. Open you account on
  3. Go To Landing Page Builder in your account
  4. Click Create New Page button on the top-left corner. The template selection page appears. Select a blank template, the Minimalist Light (Product/Service) or any other template that appeals to you.
  5. Now create a landing page using the content you have aggregated in step 1 to 5.


When you create a landing page for actual use, it must have all the user input data handling coding completed. Go through the documentation and learn the required steps.

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No. Step Duration
1. Answer the Question “What is it?” – Let’s start strategising your content for the landing page 30mins
2. Answer the Question “Is It for Me?” – Is your landing page relevant for your audience? 30 mins
3. Answer the Question “What does It Cost?” – Start taking care of concerns of your audience 20 mins
4. Answer the Question “What are the Risks?” – Address possible risks of your audience 30 mins
5. Answer the Question “What is the Next Step?” – Decide the action your customers should take 10 mins
6. Create account on – Let’s get on the tool! 15 mins
7. Create your page on – Time to create your page 1 hr
8. Publish your Landing page – Publish your page! 15 mins