Step 2: Get your Twitter Handle

There are close to 350 million accounts on twitter and everyone has a unique twitter handle. Finding the twitter handle that is most appropriate for your positioning is not that easy. Your Twitter handle (or username) is your identity on Twitter.

You select this username (up to 15 alphabets, numbers and the underscore character) when you create your Twitter account. Then, you can use use your Twitter handle as @username. You also get a unique URL to your Twitter page:


  • A good username is same or similar to your own name (FirstNameLastName, FirstInitialLastName, FirstInitialMiddleInitialLastName) Or else, it should be a relevant, unique, short name. Short usernames make it easier for someone to mention you in his/her Tweets (considering the 140 characters’ limit.)
  • Do not use numbers or underscore except in a creative way. Using the numeral ‘0’ for the letter ‘O’ or a ‘1’ for an ‘L’ may appear cool but it is that much harder to remember and type as well as to look at.
  • If someone has already claimed such names or you want a more exciting username, try the following:
    • Shorten your name. For example, @SunKumSharma for Sunil Kumar Sharma.
    • Add an adjective or descriptor. For example: @KapilMasterji or @PradeepTheTerrible.
    • Match it with your email ID, website name, or blog name. For example, if your email ID is, you can set your username as SEOSumo1990.
    • Use “I am…” For example, @IAm_SKSharma.
    • Say what you do. For example, @SEOCoachKapil or @KaranMktgChamp.
    • Add letters to your name or to portions of your name. For example, @Sunilpedia (Sunil Sharma), @gunjanvee (Gunjan Verma).
    • Use “Ask…” if you are a helpful type of person. For example, @AskPradeepBoss.
  • You can very easily change your username any time. You will retain your followers and your tweets. Your new tweets will come from @NewUserName. Your old ones will stay on your profile, rebranded with @NewUserName. However, any tweets/retweets where you were mentioned by your @OldUserName will no longer be linked to your account. In addition, clicking on @OldUserName in such tweets/retweets will lead to an error. One workaround is that you immediately create a new Twitter account with a new/different email ID and the @OldUserName. Just post something like “I changed names; follow me @NewUserName instead” and leave it as an empty account.

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No. Step Duration
1. Define your positioning on twitter 10 mins
2. Get your twitter handle 10 mins
3. Create a compelling profile 20 mins
4. Create your account on 10 mins
5. Follow your friends with same interests 15 mins
6. Identify Top Accounts in your domain and follow them 30 mins/day for 7 days
7. Identify and Retweet Top content in your domain 20 mins/day for 7 days
8. Unfollow twitter accounts not following you back 15 mins