Step 8: Unfollow twitter accounts not following you back

The ratio of number of twitter accounts you are following and twitter account following you is very critical for your account. It is important that you maintain that ratio on ongoing basis. The tool that can help you to do that easily is


  1. This is not an ongoing strategy. You will get the best people to follow you by tweeting quality content. This strategy will work initially but once you have initial set of followers, rely on posting good quality content and engaging with thought leaders.


  1. Login on
  2. You will get the list of NonFollowers (Users you are following, who are not following you back). You should individually unfollow users who
    1. are not authority in your domain
    2. are not following you back
    3. stay inactive most of the time
    4. who’s content you do not like to read



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No. Step Duration
1. Define your positioning on twitter 10 mins
2. Get your twitter handle 10 mins
3. Create a compelling profile 20 mins
4. Create your account on 10 mins
5. Follow your friends with same interests 15 mins
6. Identify Top Accounts in your domain and follow them 30 mins/day for 7 days
7. Identify and Retweet Top content in your domain 20 mins/day for 7 days
8. Unfollow twitter accounts not following you back 15 mins