Step 1: Defining Goals From Google AdWords

Clearly define the Goal you want to achieve from Google Adwords Campaign

Why & What

The first and most important step is to decide your destination before starting your journey.  Let’s walk through three common goals and the plan you need to implement to achieve these goals.

Recommended PPC Goals:

  1. Increase Traffic To My Website Plan: Focus on Click Through Rate (CTR)
  2. Sales, Leads or Inquiries Plan: Increase Conversions
  3. Brand Awareness Plan: Utilize Search Network, Display Network & Remarketing

To understand it better let’s take an example of “Classic Chocolate Bakery”

Richa runs a home based Chocolate making business in Delhi. She offers customized chocolates in different flavors and shapes. Presently she is getting most of her customers through word of mouth and off line advertising such as flyers etc. Now she plans to go online and creates a beautiful website with attractive chocolate pictures and description on her blog. She wants to run a Google Adwords campaign to increase her business. Currently she doesn’t sell it online (has COD option) so her SEM campaign goal would be to get more leads or inquiries about her business or product.

As in SEM terminology we measure goal by conversions; For Richa the expecting outcome would be:

  1. Online Inquiry for chocolates
  2. Receiving a ‘call-in order’
  3. Traffic on her Blog – Blog will work as stepping stone to accomplish her goal.


  • Check this interesting video to understand Conversions or Goal for an SEM campaign: 

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1. Clearly define the Goal you want to achieve from Google Adwords Campaign
2. Understand your Audience, Market, Timings and Budget
3. Decide about your Campaign timings (Ad Scheduling)
4. Understand your Campaign Budget
5. Open new Adwords Account and Create First Campaign
6. Decide your Bidding Strategy