Step 2: Understand your Audience, Market, Timings and Budget


Target audience and market depends upon your service or product you are offering.

Suggestions of few demographics to find your target audience:

  • Local, National or International Market
  • Business, Individuals or Families
  • Media used to search your product or service – Mobile or Desktop
  • Level of knowledge they have about your product or services
  • What they are exactly looking for during the search – product/ service OR information

Let us continue with our previous example of ‘Classic Chocolate Bakery’ to understand their Target Audience

Target Audience:

  • Customer is mainly local
  • They are searching on their work or home computer and on mobiles as well
  • They might have heard through word of mouth or print media but as the bakery has no online presence, we can assume most of them are not aware of their products
  • Businesses look for professionally packed gifts for corporate.
  • Families looking for nicely packed chocolate packs with flowery touch for festive season and other wise as well

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1. Clearly define the Goal you want to achieve from Google Adwords Campaign
2. Understand your Audience, Market, Timings and Budget
3. Decide about your Campaign timings (Ad Scheduling)
4. Understand your Campaign Budget
5. Open new Adwords Account and Create First Campaign
6. Decide your Bidding Strategy