Step 5: Open new Adwords Account and Create First Campaign

Now as you have decided your PPC campaign goal, target audience and budget, now it’s time to get your hands indulge into the practical Google adwords.

If you already have a Google adwords account you can use the same and If you don’t have one then lets walk together to open one.


List of things to do while setting up your adwords account your Google adwords account and creating a campaign:

In this project we will be creating a campaign for our above example ‘Classic Chocolate Bakery’

  1. Use your Google account Id (Gmail or any other Google ID)

2. Open, login with your Google account id. After security confirmation you will see the below screen


  1. Click on “Create your first campaign”
  2. Select ‘Type’: Search Network Only – all features
  3. Change Campaign Name ‘Chocolate Bakery’
  4. Under ‘Networks’ let’s just select Google Search Network


  1. Under ‘Devices’ you can keep ‘all devices’ if your landing page or website is responsive (mobile and desktop friendly)
  2. Locations: as per your target market decided above, select your location.

For our ‘Classic Chocolate Bakery’ example, as they are targeting locally, they will be running their campaign in Delhi-NCR area. You can select custom location under ‘Let me choose’ option

  1. Location options (Advance) – For our bakery example we will keep the recommended option of “People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location (recommended)”. This option makes sense for them because may be multi location businesses are searching for corporate gifts for their clients in NCR area and even relatives and friends want to order for their loved ones living in NCR area. Choose option which fits best with your offering.


  1. Languages: Choose the language of the site that you’d like your ads to appear in. Be sure to write your ads in the language that you target.

For our ‘Classic Chocolate Bakery’ example, their target audience is in Delhi- NCR

area and most of them are English speakers, so they will be selecting English as their target language. As per your target audience you can select your target language.

  1. Bid Strategy: Let’s keep the default choice for bidding strategy for now and we will discuss in detail about bidding strategy in our next step. Add any default bid value to start with.



  1. Set your budget as decided
  2. Delivery Method – Use recommended option – Standard: Optimize delivery of ads, spending budget evenly over time. This option will help to keep our ads running during our required hours
  3. Ad extension: we will be adding later

For our ‘Classic Chocolate Bakery’ example we will be adding budget of Rs500/day. Keeping the recommended delivery method only


  1. Ad Scheduling: Add the hours you want to run your ad for. Later we will also discuss how you can change your bid for specific day or hour of the day.

For our ‘Classic Chocolate Bakery’ example, we decide to run our campaign for “all days” from 8am to 10pm.


  1. Ad rotation:

It is recommended to start your campaign with “Rotate evenly: Show ads more evenly for at least 90 days, then optimize”  as this way all ads get exposure and you will be able to decide what message is working for you.



Later on you can change it to optimize for clicks or conversions, depending on your goal.

For our ‘Classic Chocolate Bakery’ example, to start with, we will be choosing ” Rotate evenly: Show ads more evenly for at least 90 days, then optimize”  and later we will move to “optimize it for conversion” option.

  1. Save and move to next screen to create your first adgroup.

Before planning your adgroup, its recommended to do your keyword research and divide keywords into specific ad groups and add your ads accordingly. We will be doing both parts (keyword research & ad writing) in detail in Task 4 & 5. For now you can leave the ad writing and keyword insertion.


  1. Now just set the default bid for this adgroup and you can add Rs. 50 or whatever you are willing to spend for a click on your ad, or your maximum cost-per-click (max CPC) . We will be working on this once we finalize our keyphrases. Click on “Set up billing later”


After saving you will reach to the screen below:


Suggestions: Watch a video to review and check what we did in this step: 

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