Write your Positioning Statement

Everything about your Linkedin Profile has to be in Sync with your Positioning Statement


Go through this 2 mins video before completing this step


For [Define your Target Audience], the [your name] is the [insert Point of Differentiation] because [insert Reason to Believe].


For [Anyone Looking for Sales Professional], [John Grasim] is a [highly experienced Sales Professional] because he has [10 yrs experience of Digital Sales & have always outperformed his sales targets]

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1. Write your Positioning Statement
2. Add relevant Profile Pic
3. Update Tagline
4. Update your Summary
5. Add Associated Institutions & Organizations
6. Showcase your education by adding Education Institutions, Certifications & Courses
7. Showcase Your achievements using Publications, Patents, Projects, Honors & Awards
8. Ask for Recommendations
9. Add Relevant Skills & Interests
10. Build Connections from existing email Accounts & Alumni
11. Join LinkedIn Groups To Build Influential Connections
12. Rearrange your Profile based on your strengths
13. Create a simplified URL for your Linkedin Profile
14. Ensure that all your Public profile is displaying all the information about you

*Source (Modified for Personal Positioning) – “How to Write Market Positioning Statements” – by Doug Stayman, Associate Dean for MBA Programs, Associate Professor of Marketing, Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management – http://blog.ecornell.com/how-to-write-market-positioning-statements/