Step 11: Join LinkedIn Groups To Build Influential Connections

Time to start interacting with others sharing same interest.


  • With LinkedIn groups focus on building influential relationship online, connect with your target audience.
  • LinkedIn allows you to join 50 groups, you need to be efficient enough to join only those groups that are relevant to you.
  • Focus on a deep and narrow approach for credibility. Start with active participation in 3- 5 groups with at least few hundred members but limit to not more than a few thousand for better visibility.

Actions to take to identify relevant groups

  • Look out for groups by going to search bar at the top of your LinkedIn page, typing in industry name or topic and then select “Groups” from the dropdown menu on the left side of search bar.
  • Suggested breakdown of 50 LinkedIn Groups (If using all)
    • 5 groups for your industry
    • 5 industries you want to or connect with. (2-3 from each) (approx 15)
    • Geographic specific – top 3- 4 areas where you know your product / service works well.
    • Mix of blog posting and profession (5-10)
  • Evaluate LinkedIn Groups:
    • Who are the Group managers, and are they engaged and visible?
    • What are the Group rules? (Hint: if the Group rules don’t exist or they are not well-written, chances are the Group is not well-managed.)
    • Do a good majority of the discussions involve questions and dialogue?
    • Are there lots of promotional links or an abundance of “self-promotional” updates?
    • Are the top influencers in the Group credible?
    • Is the Group manager among the top influencers?
  • In a well-managed Group, you are going to most likely see a manager who is visible throughout the discussions, and a strong set of rules.

Actions to take to build Influential Connections and Credibility

  • Once you join become a member of a LinkedIn group, you can start contributing valuable insights to the group. For an open group you can start contributing immediately, but wait for an admin to approve request in a closed group


Following thoughts to be kept in mind before jumping into writing a post:

  • Don’t just promote your products or services.
  • Provide links to reputable sources of information within the context of discussions. This can include your blog articles ( only if they serve that purpose).
  • Ask questions and provide thoughtful answers.
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions and new discussions consistently.
  • Share meaningful, helpful, interesting and reputable content.
  • Send invites to connect with mutual Group members only after you’ve spent some time participating in the Group. The best time to send the invitation is when you’ve interacted with members in a discussion.

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