Step 5: Set The Layout Of Your Blog

Decide the look and feel of your blog

Instructions to customize the layout

  1. Start by editing the site title and site tagline. Go to My Site (top left) and then settings
  2. customize_theme

  3. Customise Theme

Click on Themes tab on the left sidebar:

Use the search box to look up a specific feature or theme name, or just toggle between free, premium, or all themes.


You can click on more to see available search parameters.

Pick a theme based on your writing style and content. For eg: If your blog is around photography, you would require photo-blogging theme, which allows you to post and share multiple pictures. But if you are more into content and writing then opt for a minimal theme.  Once you’ve found a theme that you’d like to try, hover over it and click on Try & Customise.

  1. With the customise button you can add your website Logo, choose color, edit background and font style. In case of fonts, readability is the key. We encourage experimenting but think about matching fonts to your blog’s feelings. Many website templates require adding header image, you can refer to the following website for a free image:


The theme will recommend you a image size for perfect fit on the header section. If the image is not of a perfect size, you can edit it by using a dotted lines for cropping the image. If you are happy with you, based on the preview you can save and publish.

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No. Step Duration
1. Start observing leading blogs in your domain – Learn from others 20 mins
2. Decide the theme of your Blog – So, what are you passionate about? 20 mins
3. Think about your Blog Name – The URL of your blog 10 mins
4. Set up Your Free Blog – Time to go onboard 10 mins
5. Set The Layout Of Your Blog – Decide the look and feel of your blog 10 mins
6. Identify the categories of content you will be blogging about – Time to take deeper look in other blogs 30 mins
7. Write your 1st blog post – Create the 1st communication that users will receive from you 30 mins
8. Publish A Blog Post – Time to put your content online 10 mins
9. Connect Your Site with the Online World – Give users option to spread it further 5 mins
10. Understanding the Stats – Understand the metrics that you will be tracking 10 mins
11. Understand Rules and Etiquettes of blogging – Get Going forever! 15 mins