Step 8: Publish A Blog Post

Time to put your content online
  1. Ready to publish a post? Get started by clicking the “New Post” button — the pencil icon on the top right side of the toolbar at the top of your screen:
    In the large section below write your post.

    This will land you to the post editor. In the top field post a title- Clear yet fascinating.

    Note: Highlighting text in your post and clicking the link button will allow you to insert a URL to create a link, like this one. Highlighting text and clicking the quote button will create an indented blockquote, like this paragraph.

  2. You can do drag and drop of a picture from your desktop to the post where it will be automatically uploaded and inserted. Else, you can add media using the upload media button:


    Once you do this, you can insert the media into post.


  1. Add Categories: Your post is almost ready. Add category to the post. You can see this on the left side-panel:

    The category should be based on your blog post. So if you are writing a photo-blog your categories can be wedding, high-school, travel etc.

    Now you are ready with the blog post. You can publish the blog immediately or set a date and time when you want the post to be published.

  1. Click on View Post to check your published post. If you find any typo or error, you can edit the post from edit button to make the changes.

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No. Step Duration
1. Start observing leading blogs in your domain – Learn from others 20 mins
2. Decide the theme of your Blog – So, what are you passionate about? 20 mins
3. Think about your Blog Name – The URL of your blog 10 mins
4. Set up Your Free Blog – Time to go onboard 10 mins
5. Set The Layout Of Your Blog – Decide the look and feel of your blog 10 mins
6. Identify the categories of content you will be blogging about – Time to take deeper look in other blogs 30 mins
7. Write your 1st blog post – Create the 1st communication that users will receive from you 30 mins
8. Publish A Blog Post – Time to put your content online 10 mins
9. Connect Your Site with the Online World – Give users option to spread it further 5 mins
10. Understanding the Stats – Understand the metrics that you will be tracking 10 mins
11. Understand Rules and Etiquettes of blogging – Get Going forever! 15 mins