Step 1: Define the Start and the end point of your Nurturing process

As a first step it is very important for you to decide, at which point in the Marketing funnel will the nurturing process starts and at which point will it end.

Please note that at any time all the audience in your email list will not be at the same point. Moreover, they will take their own time to graduate to next level and it will not be same for everyone.

Let me share an example to make it clear.

I will take an example of Digital Vidya. As most of you already know, Digital Vidya offers Digital Marketing Trainings. Visitors on Digital Vidya’s website are registering (providing their contact details) for following reasons:

  1. Viewing Webinar recording
  2. Registering for Live Demo Session.
  3. Downloading Guides
  4. Subscribing to blog

All these points are the starting points (The first time they give their personal details). I can treat users at different starting points separately or I can treat all the users as one segment. If I deal will all the users separately, I will be able to deliver personalized communication for each segment but it will increase the complexity of the solution. Since we are doing this task for the first time, let me keep it simple. So I will define the starting point as “Users registering on Digital Vidya’s website for Webinar Recording, Live demo session, Guides or Blog”.

The next thing that I need to define is the end point.  Like in the above example, I will take the end point as “User is interested in next available batch of Online Digital Marketing Training Course”.  Please note, it is advisable that you have least number of end points. Preferably only one.

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No. Step Duration
1. Define the Start and the end point of your Nurturing process 15 mins
2. Define a list of blocking questions that you want to address through emailers 30 mins
3. Identify Content Types 20 mins
4. Identify Content Baskets 30 mins
5. Create Content publishing & Emails Schedule 20 mins
6. Creating Email Pipeline 30 mins