Step 4: Identify Content Baskets

It is time to build next level of depth in nurturing process.  From this point onward, you will be spending most of the on arranging content at regular intervals. It is important to create a long-term strategy at this stage. Otherwise this work will soon become a burden and you will not be able to continue it for long.

One of the strategies that we propose at this stage is to think in terms of  “Content Baskets” rather than each individual content element.  Let me share an example, to make it clear. Suppose you have selected a content Type as “Webinar”.  Now, you can think of each individual content elements like Webinar by Sachin Bansal of Flipkart on “Scope of Ecommerce in India”.  Once you are able to arrange that (or not able to arrange that), you will have to start thinking from scratch on the topic of your next webinar.

Otherwise, you have an option to think in terms of content basket. Like in this case, you can create basket like “Interview with thought leaders in Digital Space”. After that you can try to figure out a scalable way to contact all the thought leaders in Digital space. That will help you create multiple content units with similar efforts.

In Digital Vidya, the marketing team identified “Expert Interviews” for the content type “Blog Posts” as a relevant content basket for the users. Marketing Team contacted 150 experts on LinkedIn through a single e-mailers. Within 2 months, 51 expert’s interviews got published on Digital Vidya’s blog.


  • Do make sure that all the blocking questions can be addressed using the recognized content baskets. Even if one question is left, you have not done the job comprehensively.
  • Identify content baskets for all the content types you have identified in the last step.
  • You should give priority to content baskets that can address multiple blocking questions. That will help you to minimize the number of communication and increase the overall effectiveness.


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No. Step Duration
1. Define the Start and the end point of your Nurturing process 15 mins
2. Define a list of blocking questions that you want to address through emailers 30 mins
3. Identify Content Types 20 mins
4. Identify Content Baskets 30 mins
5. Create Content publishing & Emails Schedule 20 mins
6. Creating Email Pipeline 30 mins