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Reviews about Digital Vidya from Customers & Experts

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Thank you for making an effort to check this page! Are you considering joining Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing Certification Program? Looking for authentic reviews about the program? You are the right place!

There are a number of sources of reviews about digital vidya you can check to help yourself while you are in the process of deciding about digital marketing course by Digital Vidya.

You should also check these facts about Digital Vidya and our Digital Marketing Certification Course [CDMM]:

  • 1st Education Company in India to start offering Digital Marketing training programs since 2009
  • Trained 120,000+ Digital Vidyarthis from 15,000+ organizations across 55+ countries
  • Conducted 7200+ digital marketing training programs
  • Co-founders of Digital Vidya who’ve designed the program have over 20 years of Digital Marketing experience
  • 115+ hours of live instructor-led sessions delivered by 15+ industry experts across India
  • Industry’s most practical program with 140+ hours of live hands-on assignments
  • The only company in India to have an association with Google Partners Academy & Microsoft Partners as their Digital Marketing Training Partner
  • Co-created Facebook Marketing Certification with Facebook and Content Marketing Certification with LinkedIn

You would also like to know about the team, the process and the culture we’ve at Digital Vidya that inspires us to Make Our Community Digitally Ready!

Facebook Coo Sheryl Sandberg’s Recommendation

Facebook coo sheryl sandbergs recommendation
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Pradeep chopra ceo & co-founder digital vidya
Pradeep Chopra

Co-founder, Digital Vidya

99 thoughts on “Reviews about Digital Vidya from Customers & Experts”

  1. Avatar of santanu lodh
    santanu lodh

    I santanulodh have 8+ years of experience in insurance(bancassurance sales) as Sr. business development manager I also did my mba in marketing and BE.Now I want to change my job vertical to digital marketing.what is best suitable for me pls advise.

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Santanu: Glad to know your interest in learning digital marketing. I suggest that you check this article authored by me about the opportunity of digital marketing for experienced professionals including sales & marketing:

      As mentioned in this article, I would not advice you to position yourself as a fresher in digital marketing. However, there are still multiple opportunities for you to learn digital marketing and for the same reasons, we get significant participation in our digital marketing course from experienced sales & marketing professionals like you.

      Let me know if I can be of any further guidance.

  2. Thanks Pradeep for a wonderful session.It really helped us know the true potentail of digital marketing for moving forward in my career. Also, we are amazed by the amount of effort done by your team in educating 1000s of professionals. Reviews of digital vidya’s alumni are truly a testimony of your contribution in digital marketing education. Both me and my friend are excited about joining digital vidya’s course. Thnx once again.

    1. Thanks Kartik for your kind words. We look forward to contributing to your plans in learning & leveraging digital marketing for your career growth. Have an exciting journey ahead with us!

  3. Hi,This is Tamal,I have been in the Pharmaceutical Marketing sector for the last 6 years and also completed my E-MBA certification from one of the B-School in in India…I was actually thinking to shift my job profile from this ethical Marketing field to the Digital Marketing Sector from a very long time.Can you please guide me what to do?

    1. Tamal: Glad to know your interest in learning digital marketing. Given you’ve 6 years in marketing, I would suggest that you look at learning digital marketing to expand their profile from a traditional marketer to integrated (i.e. offline + online) marketing professional vs positioning yourself as a digital marketer. Please note that it’s not digital marketing is going to replace traditional media; the role of digital in overall marketing is increasing and thus there’s a huge demand for senior marketing professionals who know digital marketing.

      Do check this article about the opportunity of learning digital marketing as well:

      Hope this helps? Let me know if you’ve any further question for me.

  4. Dear sir, I’m severely interested in digital marketing, and I want to pursue a career in digital marketing.I request you sir,Kindly give some advice to me.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi,
    I have 8+ years of experience in Media an working as Buyer in Group M.I have done M.Com in Marketing and Doctorate Degree in HRM specialization. I want to uplift my career something which can enhance more my skills.I like networking which I am doing in my current role.
    And willing to work in digital media. Please suggest what type of course will help in doing so.

    1. Shalini: Glad to know your interest in expanding your career and thanks for sharing your background. Given your professional experience, educational background, and interest, I strongly recommend that you learn various aspects of digital marketing to expand your existing media buying role. You should join CDMM program (https://www.digitalvidya.com/digital-marketing/) for the same.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve any specific query. All the best!

  6. Hi. Sir prabhjot this side,i am doing job in sales and i am looking for a job change. Will this program help me to change it or your team will assist me in placement process.

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Great question Prabhjot. Given the number of sales professions who join our digital marketing certification program, we answer this question multiple times every day at Digital Vidya. If you don’t have too much experience then you can consider switching your profile from sales to digital marketing. In case you’ve significant experience then you should look at acquiring digital marketing skills to expand your existing profile as digital marketing is a very important skill for sales professionals.

      Check this article to know more about the opportunity of digital marketing for various profiles including sales:

      Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Pradeep,

    I wanted to make a successful career in Digital Marketing, I am into SEO right now. I have decent analytical and written skills, and I see my future into Content writing & Content Marketing, I heard a lot good reviews about Digital Marketing course of yours from numerous of my known people, can you share with the the complete details of your program? I wanted to join asap.



    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Digvijay: Glad to know your interest in expanding your role from SEO to other areas in digital marketing. Glad to know about the reviews you’ve got from your friends about Digital Vidya. Interestingly, over 10% of our course participants are digital marketing professionals like you. You can find complete details about our program at https://www.digitalvidya.com/digital-marketing/

      Let me know if you’ve any further query. Wishing you an exciting journey ahead!

  8. Dear Sir,

    I have gone through the full site of digital vidiya and after seen i am very enthusiasm to think about my brother. he has completd his B tech from IT and now he is free. i want to know that how digital vidiya help him to developed good skill for future career since now he don’t have any job and struglling for the same.

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Avtar: Digital Marketing is a great industry for Engineers for building a long term career. I am also an Engineer. As long as your brother is serious about this field and has good communication skills, joining digital marketing course by Digital Vidya will be a great decision. Let me know if you’ve any other query. I wish him all the best!

  9. Hi Pradeep,
    I belong from sales profile had also worked a Digital Ninja in my last job
    So had the interest to be certified in Digital Marketing.
    My highest qualification is 12th am i eligible to opt for CDMM?
    Kindly revert.

    1. Sure Monisha. Education Qualification is not a constraint to build a successful career or business in Digital Marketing. Interestingly, we’ve very high % of participants from sales background in our Digital Marketing certification course.

  10. HI,Pradeep this is magesh from chennai my pass out is 2011 then I do my own business 2012-2016 I attend the interview is possible

  11. Avatar of aparna gharlute
    Aparna Gharlute

    Hi Pradeep,

    This is Aparna from Mumbai & iam a Post graduate in Mass Communications & Media Studies. As Digital Marketing is booming currently
    Iam looking forward to pursue this course from Digital Vidya.. Request you to guide me whether pursuing this course would help me in boosting my career… What career opportunities i can look forward on completion of this course.. Also heard a lot of reviews of the courses designed by you at Digital Vidya. Can you please let me know where can i see myself on completing the course as you’ll place students in the industry.

    1. Aparna: Thanks for your query. Glad to know your interest in building career in digital marketing. Considering your background, you are very well placed to carve out a successful career in digital marketing. As I’d shared earlier, anyone who’s into Content Writing, PR, Journalism, Media, should acquire digital marketing skills to expand his/her profile and accelerate his/her career. You will be far more valuable to your organization if you’ve acquired digital marketing skills.

      I would recommend our flagship CDMM program and yes, we provide placement support.

      Hope this helps. Wish you an exciting career ahead!

  12. Avatar of sourav mitra
    Sourav Mitra

    Hi, Pradeep,
    Myself Sourav, I have passed graduation in 2012 and after that I have to look after my small family business. Due to few problem right now I wanna a do Digital Marketing course.can i eligible for this?
    Main problem is I don’t have any work experience after graduation and so can I get a job after competing the course?

  13. Sourav: Glad to know your interest in digital marketing. Thanks for sharing your background. It’s difficult for me to give you a definite answer as it depends on how you show your gap between your graduation and now. My suggestion would be to learn digital marketing and apply the skills you learn in your family business (assuming it’s still on) for some time to gain practical experience and then look for a full time job in digital marketing.

    You may also want to consider doing digital marketing course for freelancing opportunities. In both of these situations, my only recommendation is that you participate in every exercise/assignment with 200% commitment so that you can really build mastery in digital marketing and be able gain enough confidence when looking for full time or part time opportunities.

    Hope this helps. All the best!

  14. Hii Mr. Pradeep,

    I have already completed b.com & i m doing job last 4 year’s as business development executive but i want to change my job.
    I m interested in digital marketing but my English is week, plz suggest what should i do

    1. Jai: Glad to know your interest in digital marketing. As shared in the below article, digital marketing is an essential skill today for anyone who’s into Sales/Marketing/Business Development/PR.

      Initially, you should look at expanding your existing profile to include/use digital marketing and over a period of time, you may consider looking at switching into digital marketing.

      Hope this helps.

  15. Hi sir
    my name is aashish
    i did my mba
    i am doing job and doing animation course and interested in Online class
    i want to learn Social media marketing part in debt
    i mean , how to market in FB , twitter , Youtube
    your course cover all part

    but i am worried about – is 6 month enough for all those things
    i guess FB , twitter , Youtube are part of SMM
    and that is 1 part/ topic in whole Digital marketing .

    So can you give me some more details about it .
    and what can i expect from online class and if i have doubt directly or indirectly related to the thing i studied then how to clear it in online class
    after class is over

  16. Hello sir, My name is Aashish, i have completed BCA last year and i’m planning to join Digital marketing from your institute. Sir my main concern is that Will you give me a knowledge from the very first step? Or I should have some basic knowledge of digital marketing to join your institue.?

  17. Hi Sir
    I m in 4th year persuing B.tech(IT) . I m very much interested in the field of data analytics . In my 3rd year I have done “data collection on twitter”.Sir could you please give some more details about it

  18. i have 6 years experience in retail sales in multiple companies like sony samsung lg no wi want to learn degital marketing course could you please help me out

  19. Avatar of harpreet kaur
    Harpreet kaur

    Hi pradeep
    My name is preet. I have done btech in IT sector then persued mastrs in travel n tourism..worked as an process associate which handles mails queries etc…fed up being process associate..started my own startup in hotel sector. now wanr to do digital marketing and mba to give shape to this shapeless journey…i would really thankful to u if u cud really help me…i had word with one ur exec..bt not mch convinced…wamna get suggestion from you..

    1. Glad to know your interest Harpreet. ‘Digital Marketing’ is one of the most important skills for any entrepreneur/business head. Travel/Hospitality is one of the most active segments using this medium.

      Hope this helps? Let me know if you’ve any further query for me.

  20. Hii pradeep sir
    I am a b.com graduate from 2016.
    But i currently dont work anywhere, so sir what advice you can give regarding digital marketing.
    And sir can i get placement assistance from your institute

  21. HI
    I have almost 15 yrs exp in IT on application development (desktop as well Enterprise) in GIS domain,worked on C++,C#,ASP.net, Oracle,postgres. I want to shift career in Data Analytics profile.Could you please guide if I should try the shift at this stage or not.

    1. Nikii: Glad to know your interest in Data Analytics. Sure, IT professionals are the largest embracers of Data Analytics. I am personally not an expert to give you specific advice. I suggest that you join our upcoming orientation session and find more details about our Data Analytics certification courses at https://www.digitalvidya.com/data-analytics-course/.

      All the best!

  22. Avatar of sana parveen
    Sana Parveen

    Sir I have done BE I am very interested in learning digital marketing and want to choose this field as my career option .I m very confused now .I want to know about digital marketing course and future scope in this field.

    1. Sana: Sure, a very high % of professionals (including myself) in digital marketing industry come from Engineering background. I invite you to join our upcoming orientation session on Digital Marketing for Career & Business growth to explore this opportunity live and get answers to your queries.

      Sign-up for the same at https://www.digitalvidya.com/digital-marketing/

  23. Sir! I have small doubt. Would you give 100% placement assitance after completion of my course? Would you give any suggestions for making resume in this course?

    1. Arun: Yes, we provide Placement Assistance but not Placement Guarantee. We’ve a dedicated placement cell which takes care of the following aspects along with our delivery team:
      a.) Understanding your background (Educational & Professional if any) and your objectives
      b.) Guide you for a successful career in Digital Marketing including creating Effective Resume
      c.) Share relevant opportunities
      d.) Schedule Interviews

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve any further question.

  24. Hi sir.im 10thpass with 68% and college drop outs
    After 8 years of gape of educations my age is now 28.but I know about basic computer knowledge and I’m mad about computer coursed.do you think cdmm course will help me for a good job and career for me.

    1. Mukesh: Glad to know your interest in digital marketing. Considering your education qualification, years of gap and your communication skills, I would not recommend that you look at acquiring digital marketing skills for an immediate job.

      At the same time, looking at your passion for Computers, you can look at the opportunity of digital marketing for freelancing or affiliate marketing opportunity. Once you’ve gained enough hands-on experience (through the course and freelancing), you can look for full time job opportunities in future.

      Hope this helps. All the best!

  25. Hi Mr. Pradeep,
    I belong to management background(BBA-final year).
    Would this course be fruitful for me as per the job aspects?
    Have been contemplating a lot about this course and generated a keen acumen for the same.
    As a newbie,would love to have guidance by a veteran in the field,so kindly enlighten me.

    1. Sure Arbaz. Digital Marketing is surely a very important skill for any management student or professional. It can surely help you give an edge above your peers. I am sharing this based on our experience with IIM Graduates, who leveraged our training program to get more interview opportunities than their peers.

  26. Hi
    My name is Mayank Suri; Working with Automobile Ind. for past 4 years and moving towards Digital Marketing which means I have to start again with my career. If you share your last placement details in which domain so it will be helpful information for us.

    1. Mayank: Glad to know your interest in Digital Marketing. Please share more details about your profile so that I can guide you accordingly.

      We see placements across all sectors at various salary brackets based on multiple factors including current professional background. For e.g., a participant got placed at Rs 7 Lacs package a week ago.

  27. Hi,I’m Shridhar.I’m interested in learning digital marketing.but my education qualification is only 12th Pass.I’m 22 years now.What would be the Job oppurtunities for me after completing this course considering that I’m not a graduate?

    1. Glad to know your interest in building career in digital marketing. Interestingly, except for large brands, many small-mid organizations are flexible in terms of education qualifications. Hope this helps. All the best for your journey ahead!

  28. Good Day,

    I have over 7 years of experience in the US healthcare industry (India BPO) as an operations management professional. I’d most probably have to reboot my career into the marketing field of business, which is also where my passion lies. Could you please advise how the digital marketing course could benefit me? Also curious to know what a ‘freshers’ starting package in digital marketing has been thus far, based on your experience. Would appreciate any information on this, thank you.

    1. Saif: Glad to know your interest in Digital Marketing. Given your background, I would recommend you to acquire digital marketing skills to look at roles in which your current experience is valued vs trying to position yourself as a fresher in digital marketing. Other reasons for learning digital marketing could include a.) Freelancing in digital marketing b.) Build personal brand c.) Realize your Entrepreneur dreams (if you plan to).

      Also, I suggest that you check following articles:

      Hope this helps. All the best!

  29. Hello sir,I am a B.tech. graduate in mechanical engineering passes out in 2012.after that I did job in powerplant sector.in 2014 I did m.tech from iit dhanbad completed in 2016.then I struggled a lot to get a job in my domain.everyone’s saying fresher fresher.I did job as a lecturer fr 6 months from 2016 Jun to 2016 Dec. I couldn’t get job satisfaction.now I want to switch my career totally new.will I get job in this field if I will go for this course.please reply honestly.I will b grateful.

    1. Monalisa: Thanks for sharing your background. While there’s a very high % of Engineers in the digital marketing industry, given your background, you would also be considered a fresher for your 1st job in digital marketing.

      Check out following articles:

      You may also want to consider learning digital marketing to offer digital marketing services as a freelancer.

      Does this answer your query?

  30. Hi Sir, I am a BE,MBA with total of 4 yrs exp (2 into sales and 2 into operations-digital wallet) now wants to start with digital marketing. Can you suggest me the best one to start with as I can have freelance/ virtual jobs where pay is high and independent. Suggest if you also provide onjob training in NCR.

    1. Sushant: Thanks for sharing your objective and background. Yes, freelancing in digital marketing is one of the potential opportunities for you. I suggest that you join our upcoming orientation session on Digital Marketing for Career & Business Growth by signing up at https://www.digitalvidya.com/dmo/.

      Your participation in this session will answer any other question you may have about the opportunity of digital marketing for your career.

  31. Dear sir

    I am a 2017 PGDM ( Marketing and Retail Management ) graduate and I have taken up an interest in the Digital Marketing industry. I would like to start my Digital Marketing career soon. I am considering doing the course in Digital Vidya. Before , that I would like to know about the placement services offered to freshers and the average salary.

    Please respond to this message.

    Thanks and Regards
    Govind C.S

  32. Avatar of divyanshu malik
    divyanshu malik

    hello sir i am divyanshu malik, completed with my B.com pass 2nd year and awaiting for 3rd year result, now i am looking forward to seek and gain experience and knowledge to make carrier with digital marketing..please i would like your advice and how to kick start in this line.

  33. Avatar of soumi chakraborty
    Soumi Chakraborty

    Hi Sir,
    Myself Soumi Chakraborty. I have completed MBA, post which worked for 1.5yrs in service industry. Currently I am self employed as a professional tutor. I am quite keen in joining digital marketing course as I want to work as a freelance digital marketeer apart from my tutoring career. Is freelancing possible after course completion? If yes, can u please suggest the channels of getting freelance assignments, or, will the placement committee assist in getting freelance assignments?
    Looking forward to your response.

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Soumi: Glad to know your interest. Given digital marketing can be executed remotely, freelancing is a great opportunity in digital marketing industry. The kind of services you can offer as a freelancer is a function of many parameters including your skills, type of company you are serving. As part of our curriculum, we have a specialization module on ‘how to get your 1st freelancing assignment’.

      While our placement cell primarily focusses on full time and internship opportunities, they do come across freelancing opportunities occasionally. However, the skills (e.g. how to leverage LinkedIn for professional networking) you acquire in our digital marketing course can be leveraged for freelancing opportunities.

      Hope this helps. All the best!

  34. Sir
    My name is Monika !!
    I hv completed my bca dis year(2017)
    I want to build my courier in digital marketing so I m looking for a nice institute fo d same could u plz telling how many months is d course, d fee structure & if u ppl provide placements fo fresher’s .

    1. Monika: Glad to know your interest. Find below the answers to your queries:
      a.) It’s a 6-month program and you can choose an accelerated mode to do it in around 3 months
      b.) Find course structure including fee details at https://www.digitalvidya.com/digital-marketing/
      c.) Yes, we offer placement support

      Hope you’ve signed up for our upcoming online orientation session on Digital Marketing for Career & Business growth. You can sign up for the same from the above link.

      All the best!

  35. Respected sir!
    I have some doubts:-
    ● I have not much knowledge about english communication skills. Am i suitable for this course? And Can i do digital marketing without blogging?
    Is there any companies will hire me without blogging concept?
    ● would u plz tell me about placement cell in hyderabad?
    ● Im doing mba in marketing in distance mode. Is it helpful for me to hire in some reputed companies?
    Plz.. clarify these doubts.. then im ready to join in digital vidya for digital marketing course. Im eagerly waiting for your response.
    Thank you!

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Arun: Glad to know your interest in Digital Marketing. Please find my answers below:

      1.) Considering you are doing MBA in Marketing, ‘Career in Digital Marketing’ is surely one of the best options.
      2.) If you don’t have good communication skills then in addition to improving your skills, you should look for profiles in digital marketing in which written communication is not critical (or if it can be taken cared by someone else in the team). E.g. SEO/SEM executive.
      3.) We get approached by companies across India and our placement cell (based at of our headquarters in Delhi) supports all eligible participants. In addition, the skills you acquire (e.g. how to leverage Li/Tw/Fb) in this program can be directly used by you to fulfill your career objectives.
      4.) While blogging is not a mandatory skill, having a blog gives you a platform to practice various areas of digital marketing.

      Hope this helps. Check https://www.digitalvidya.com/downloads/CDMM_FAQs.pdf for any further queries related to our digital marketing course.

      All the best!

  36. hi sir,
    I have completed bsc.it ..
    can you please tell me whether you have your institute branch in Navi Mumbai..?

    1. Rutu: Apologies for a delayed response. Glad to know your interest in Digital Vidya. While we’ve our presence in Mumbai, all of our programs are delivered in an instructor-led, online format so that our participants get maximum value. I suggest that you check this article about the opportunity of learning digital marketing online:

      Moreover, attend an upcoming live orientation session to experience it by signing up at https://www.digitalvidya.com/dmo.

      Hope this helps?

  37. Hi pradeep Sir!! Im not coming from IIT/IIM.. im just done my graduation in BSc( computer science) . 1) Is it possible for me to get a job in this field with good package.? 2) I Dont know even how to create a website and its planing. Would you teach these topics ? 3) Is your placement cell works in hyderabad?

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Sree: Glad to know your interest in building career in Digital Marketing. Please find below my answers:
      1.) You don’t need to be from IIT or IIM to be a successful digital marketer.
      2.) You don’t need to know programming to be a successful digital marketer. In the CDMM program, you will learn the required skills to create a blog/website so that you can learn various aspects of digital marketing hands-on.
      3.) Yes, our placement cell receives vacancies across India including Hyderabad.

      I suggest that you check this article on Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing: https://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/career-in-digital-marketing/

      All the best!

  38. Sir i am a bcom graduate from c v raman open university 2017 batch
    I am 33 yrs of age
    I did my hsc in 2002
    Now due to business failure i want to persue career by doing job
    Kindly help me with the advantages and salary packages after this course
    Also help me with designed growth i can gain in packages

  39. Dearest Sir,
    After pursuing my MSC in chemistry, I worked as an Account Manager in Telecommunications. Currently, I am working as an Affiliate account manager. ( Total working experience : 2 years 6 months)
    I have also pursued distance MBA in marketing.
    My query is :
    – I want to work in a creative profile. But I am confused in what course to pursue.
    – Procedure to pursue it ?
    – I don’t want to go lower from my current salary package. Is it possible to switch the field without starting as a fresher ?
    – Does Digital Vidya assists us in finding jobs as well ?

    Thanks in advance !

    1. Neha: Glad to know your interest and thank you for sharing your background. Considering you are an MBA in Marketing and have 2.6 years of experience (which is not much), it’s possible for you to switch to digital marketing. While I don’t know your current salary, you may have to start at a lower salary as you don’t have previous experience in digital marketing.

      Check this CDMM FAQs document to get further clarity about the opportunity of digital marketing for experienced professionals:

      Yes, Digital Vidya provides placement assistance.

      Hope this helps.

  40. Avatar of kavita kapoor
    Kavita kapoor

    Hello Sir,

    This is Kavita. I have approx 8 years of experience in PR and approx one year of experience in brand communications (total 9 yeras). In 2015 I went on a break to raise my child and now willing to resume work. After pursuing a course in digital marketing, what is the scope.of following or how many of the following are relevant?

    1. Any ways of resuming work and not taking a salary cut?
    2. Work.rrom.home options?
    3. Going to workplace to work for 4-5 hours in digital marketing companies?

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Kavita: Glad to know your interest. Considering your experience in PR & Brand Communication, I would suggest that after acquiring digital marketing skills you should look at senior profiles in which your previous experience is leveraged along with newly acquired skills. For e.g., Digital PR is a growing field. You should look at working with Digital PR firms/Digital Marketing agencies or you can look at working with large brands/high growth startups for whom digital PR/online branding is important. This could include consulting engagement. For such senior profiles, you will have to leverage your professional network after you’ve acquired digital marketing skills. Hope this helps?

  41. Avatar of subhadeep das
    Subhadeep Das

    Hi pradeep,
    I am a b.a graduate 8 years experience in hospital and back office industry. I had no experience in sales / marketing . and my English communication skills is not so good. Can I go to digital marketing career? Please suggest. What should I do?

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Given your years of experience and your profile, trying to position yourself as a fresher in digital marketing will not make sense. You should consider learning digital marketing for the following benefits:

      a. Build​ ​personal​ ​brand​ ​using​ ​digital​ ​marketing
      b. Make​ ​money​ ​through​ ​freelancing​ ​or​ ​by​ ​becoming​ ​an​ ​affiliate​ ​marketer
      c. Realize​ ​your​ ​entrepreneurial​ ​dream​ ​if​ ​you​ ​aspire​ ​to​ ​be​ ​an​ ​entrepreneur
      d. Also,​ ​explore​ ​the​ ​possibility​ ​of​ ​playing​ ​a​ ​role​ ​in​ ​marketing​ ​function​ ​of​ ​your
      organization​ ​to​ ​expand​ ​your​ ​profile

      Also, you can use following resources to improve your communication skills:
      1.) Grammarly: A Free writing application
      2.) Duolingo: A Mobile App to learn any Language including English
      3.) How to write well on Digital Media? – https://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/how-to-write-well-for-online-media/

      Hope this helps?

  42. Avatar of sudhanshu ranjan
    Sudhanshu ranjan

    Sir I have completed my graduation in science this year I m very much interested in digital marketing but I don’t have any experience in marketing and my english language is also not well can I fit for ur course bcz I want quick job

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Sudhanshu: Glad to know your interest in building career in digital marketing. You don’t need to have any marketing experience to enter into this industry.

      For people who don’t have great communication skills, jobs in SEO/SEM (both of these are big and growing areas) are recommended.

      Hope this helps. All the best!

  43. Hello sir

    I have completed BBA from reputed private college in Delhi and currently pursuing MBA in marketing from distance learning.
    Also m currently working in Import from last one year but now I want to go for Digital Marketing.

    Can you please help me if it will be okay to switch the profile?
    Also do you have the weekend batches for working people.

    Looking forward for your reply.


    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Sakshi: Given your educational background and your interest, ‘digital marketing’ is surely one of the best choices for the career. 1 year is a small period and you can easily switch to digital marketing at this point in time.

      All the best!

  44. Avatar of sourabh sabharwal
    sourabh sabharwal

    HI Team,

    I am Sourabh, B.E computers graduated in 2010 having 5 years of IT infrastructure services. Last 3 years I spent full time building my own business in ecomm and direct selling which was totally non IT and purely into offline sales and marketing and creating my own distribution channel through referrals in India and working with them to create more turnovers and profits.

    Now I am planning to shift to dubai and would be needing a job also. As I am very much sure I don’t want to go into IT but more of creative field in which there is something new everyday to explore and to learn, I’m looking digital marketing as an option by pursuing course from digital vidya which would help me in job for living and with that I can grow my passion(photraphy) and transform into profession by marketing it online in the best way through digital marketing.

    What would be your suggestion on the same for a 29 year old with experience both in IT and sales planning to shift the career path.

  45. Hello Sir,

    I am currently working as a IT professional developer with 3.3 years of experience in a reputed company.
    I am thinking to switch my career in digital marketing.
    Can you please help me or guide me for this …is it okay to switch my career as I don’t have any experience in management field.
    And please let me know how is the salary increment in this field as compare to IT professional.

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Neha: Glad to know your interest in digital marketing. Firstly, you don’t need a management background to enter into this industry.

      Given you’ve over 3 years of experience, you should look for profiles in the area of Martech/Marketing Automation after acquiring digital marketing skills so that you are able to leverage your previous experience.

      Few resources I recommend:

  46. Hello Sir,

    I have 4+ years of experience in customer support field with an education background of B.sc computer science,
    i have planned to switch career to Data science, suggest me next steps towards my goal..

    1. Wonderful Abdul. Having an education in Computer Science surely will give you a good base to start your journey to being a Data Scientist.

      I would recommend you to register for our upcoming Webinar on the Landscape of Data Science & Analytics, & the Carrer options it brings in. Since there are a lot of tools with the help of which Data is Analysed/Examined, so I urge you to have a look at this page to gain more insights: https://www.digitalvidya.com/data-science-master-course/

      Don’t forget to register for our free webinar. Our VP, Shweta Gupta will be leading the webinar and all your queries and confusions will be resolved.

  47. Avatar of shiv prakash dwivedi
    Shiv Prakash Dwivedi

    Hi Mr प्रदीप sir
    MY self shiv prakash dwivedi. I have completed class 12 this year. Can I join this course and make a career in it. Can I get a placement facility?

    1. Hello Shiv,

      Glad to know about your interest in Digital Marketing.

      Yes, you can surely join this course and this will be a great advantage for you as you will be far ahead of your peers with the help of a professional training. Digital Marketing is a great Career Choice and I would recommend it anytime.

      At Digital Vidya, we provide placement assistance to both freshers and professionals who have upto 2 years of experience, so you surely will be assisted in your placement.

      It would be good if you attend our upcoming webinar on “Digital Marketing for Business & Career Growth”. Register here: https://www.digitalvidya.com/dmo/

  48. Avatar of jayati dasgupta
    Jayati Dasgupta

    Hi sir, My name is Jayati Dasgupta and i have pursued M.A(Eng.lit). As i do not hold any sort of marketing knowledge or professional exp in any field,so how will it be beneficial for me to start my career by this course?Will companies hire a fresher? It would be very kind of you to answer my queries as am truly interested in the fast growing digital marketing platform.

    1. Hi Jayati,

      Being a student of English literature will put you ahead of many particularly with Content & Inbound Marketing. You don’t need any prior Marketing knowledge to learn Digital Marketing. Our course at Digital Vidya is designed in a manner where everyone will start from the basics of Digital Marketing. By the end of the course, you will have hands-on experience, and in some cases mastery, with each module of Digital Marketing. The better you are with your assignment submission and attendance, the more you will learn.

      There are different roles in the Marketing department of any given brand or an agency and freshers are relevant to a lot of them. Generally, your project work should make you be far ahead of the crowd at par with people with a couple of years of experience. You will have tangible results to demonstrate through your project work.

      I hope that your query is answered.

      Thanks 🙂

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