Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain is a full time writer, journalist and photographer based in New Delhi in India. He is also an expert on social media marketing and branding, and has written extensively on these topics; he even consults brands and conducts workshops on the same. And he loves to experiment with new ideas and skills.

Ajay Jain is also a regular on the speaking circuit, and addresses audiences at various conferences and corporate events. His popular workshops include:

* Personal Branding: All employees are ambassadors for a company. And the stronger their personal brand equity that comes across, the higher a likelihood of stakeholders buying into them. And thus leading to profits for a company. Companies who allow their employees to grow personally will also be seen as employers of choice.
* Mindful Travel: Travel is fun. But when you travel mindfully, you come back a more satisfied and happy person. The lessons from the same also make you a more effective professional. Your world view also changes, with positive effects on your personal life.


SUPER BRAND YOU: Why Personal Branding Matters