Ajay Ohri

Ajay Ohri is a data scientist and prominent blogger in open source data science. Since 2007 he has published his blog: DecisionStats.com. He is the author of two books on R.
Ohri graduated from Delhi College of Engineering with a B.E in Mechanical Engineering, and has an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Lucknow. In addition, he did graduate courses at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

In 2012, he wrote R for Business Analytics for Springer Publishing. The book is being translated into Chinese by Xi’an Jiaotong University Press. In 2014 he wrote R for Cloud Computing: An Approach for Data Scientists[2] for Springer Publishing.

In addition to technology books, Ohri has authored four books on poetry. Unlike his technology books, Ohri’s poetry books are self published. They are

  • Poets and Hackers
  • Apple Juice in Goa
  • Corporate Poetry
  • In Case I Dont See You Again

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