Akash Swamy

(Machine Learning Engineer )
Machine Learning Engineer

Akash Swamy

Machine Learning Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer

About the Trainer

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An avid Deep Learning and Machine Learning Engineer with 2 years of experience in ML and 3 years of experience in Automation. Also a part-time freelancer on Up work.

Notable Projects: 

1) Implementation of a new type of Recurrent Memory Network ( Deep Learning Network ) for logical reasoning and deduction.

2) Building an end-to-end ML solution/platform for my current company( Completed ).


Deep Learning Algorithms like CNN, LSTM and RNN etc, Extensive understanding of all major ML algorithms like Decision Tree, K-means, and KNN. Deep Learning and ML related Math fundamentals like Vector Algebra, Probability and Calculus.

 Technical Skills:

Programming Language: 

Python – 4/5 ( Among top 20% in Upwork world ranking ), JavaScript, Julia, and Lua.

 Libraries Know:

Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Seaborn and Matplotlib