Khyati Mehra Sharma

Khyati Mehra Sharma was happily following the IT career she had worked for all through when she realized how much her artwork and her art dream meant to her and she decided to pursue it further along with her regular 9-5 job. With no prior experience into the entrepreneurship world and a complete newbie she followed her passion and faced challenges to make her artwork and merchandise brand ‘Khyatiworks’ stand out in a crowd with her unique way of creating things.

Khyati Mehra Sharma walks two roads, each with equal passion and love. She is working in the corporate sector for her sheer love of software, coding and writing logic. She is also an entrepreneur, the Founder of Khyatiworks. Khyatiworks is Khyati’s labour of love and its USP are items like cards, mugs etc, that have been hand created by Khyati’s psychedelic and quirky art.


Kick-starting your Entrepreneurship Dream with Passion