Kunal Mehta

Kunal Mehta is a Web Analytics Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya.
Kunal comes with more than 8 years of experience in web analytics with expertise on some of the most advanced tools in the market like Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, Google Analytics, Webtrends, Sitecore etc. He works very closely with business users, marketing teams and digital agencies to create, measure and transform digital marketing strategies.
He works to extract actionable insights out of the data presented in the tools, and build strategies to improve the wealth of data to understand the consumer behaviour and improve conversion rate. He has been instrumental in creating and executing business strategies for a host of clients from different verticals like BFS, Pharma, Real Estate, Travel, Services, etc.
Kunal Started his career as a Java developer which helps him understand the code running in the background to track the user activity. At the same time, his involvement in advanced analytics has trained him to view data and understand the hidden patterns to draw ways to improve conversion rate, traffic, and engagement value of digital platforms.
✔ Executive MBA in Marketing and Sales from IIM- Lucknow
✔ Degree in Computer Engineering from IP University
✔ Adobe certified implementation consulting
✔ Adobe certified trainer: Trained and mentored Adobe consultants to deliver document guides, reports and dashboards to business stakeholders.
✔ Marketing specialties: Conversion optimization, Traffic Increment, analytics, SEM, SEO, social, etc.
✔ Worked with clients like Dell Computers, Best Buy, eBay.

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