Michael Leander

Michael Leander is an award winning marketing speaker with significant experience in digital marketing, CRM and marketing automation. In a consulting and trainer capacity he helps brands around the world improve customer acquisition, customer retention and setup programs to reduce churn.

His first digital marketing and e-commerce experience stems from the IT industry back in 1996. Since then he has contributed to hundreds of digital marketing campaigns planned and executed around the world.

Michael Leander is the past president of FIMAC. He has judged digital marketing and direct marketing awards in 12 countries around the world. In his current role as an independent consultant and trainer, he works with selected brands and agencies in APAC and EMEA.

His speaking style is engaging and dynamic, which so far has brought him to more than 40 countries where he has shared his knowledge and experience with tens of thousands of marketers. Michael Leander is one of the rare international speakers who can deliver a good keynote, but also is able to successfully deliver master classes of 1, 2, 3 days duration. His experience in marketing and technology has taught him well and he is always eager to share what he has learned.

A multichannel marketing advocate for nearly 15 years, Michael Leander is a firm proponent of permission marketing and often preaches the importance of delivering a good-to-great customer experience from initial engagement all the way through expanding the share of customer wallet.

His background as CEO of CRM and marketing technology software companies along with his direct- and digital marketing expertise has proven beneficial to the leading brands, agencies and management consulting firms he has consulted and trained on 3 continents.


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