Inbound Marketing Tool Guide: Generate Results From New Style Of Marketing

You must have heard a lot about benefits of modern style of marketing over traditional marketing. Outbound Marketing (Traditional Marketing) is definitely having a couple of disadvantages but rather than pointing them out, lets look into some figures below:

  1. 45% of direct mails are shifted in trash box without opening.
  2. 200 million mobile users are using ‘Do Not Call Registry’ Services.
  3. 84% people don’t bother to look into TV commercials and switch another channel.
  4. 85% of people in the age group of 25-35 years switch from a website, which have heavy advertisements flashing.
  5. Outbound Marketing possess more cost per lead in comparison to Inbound Marketing.

So, do we need to explain more about benefits of using Inbound Style of Marketing over Outbound Marketing? No, Right? So, have a look on some inbound marketing figures as well.

  1. 94% of clicks through organic results are due to changes in inbound strategies of a company.
  2. Social Media possess 100% higher leads and opportunities of conversions in comparison to outbound marketing.
  3. 95% of qualified, educated and quality leads comes from inbound marketing.
  4. 57-70% of B2B buyers gets converted after their buying research, which again depends on inbound marketing strategies of pulling them.
  5. Inbound Marketing possess a huge opportunity of increasing 451% of qualified leads through marketing automation and nurturing of clients.

After looking into above facts and figures, there is no doubt that inbound marketing is definitely a very good option for any company. However, using it efficiently needs a lot of tools and there are hundreds of inbound marketing tools available online, which further creates confusion to choose the best ones.

So, here we are with some Top 20 Inbound Marketing Tools for you! Use them and generate high-end results for your company.