Integrated Digital Marketing

Special Session


Who is this session for?

  1. Small business owners: for visibility and marketing
  2. Entrepreneurs: for visibility and marketing
  3. Corporate communications professionals: to run company/professional blogs
  4. Agency people (Social media, PR, marketing, Event management): to manage client blogs


    Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Concepts – Conversion funnel, The McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey, Paid-Owned-Earned Media
  2. Role of Digital Channels at each stage of the funnel & consumer decision journey
  3. Elements of a good marketing strategy rolling into digital marketing strategy
  4. Defining your digital objectives
  5. Defining and creating a media mix to achieve the objectives
  6. Measurement, evaluation and tweaking the strategy
  7. Executing the Strategy

  8. Skill sets & tools needed
  9. In-house v/s outsourcing
  10. Support systems available – a look at different kinds of agencies
  11. Agency structures – an inside look at various kinds of agencies