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With our E-mail Marketing Certification Course you will be poised to lead any E-Mail Marketing Campiagn singlehandedly 




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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the technicalities of setting up e-Mail Marketing Campaigns
  • Improvise customer acquisition by strategically improving content
  • Create automated campaigns for lead nurturing using e-Mail
  • Gain expertise in using various tools that will help you to create winning campaigns
  • Know the methods to improve the deliverability of your e-Mails
  • Understand the strategic nuances of writing compelling e-Mail copies
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Tools You Will Learn

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4 In-depth Modules

Complete Training Curriculum


  • Setting up an Email Marketing Machine
  • ISPs, Hosting Facility, and MTA
  • IP/DNS and Shared vs. Dedicated IPs
  • MX Record, Whitelisting, Response Handlers and Bounces


  • Conversation
  • Relevance
  • Incentives
  • Timing
  • Creative & Copy
  • Attributes

Customer Acquisition Strategies


  • Rented List Emails 
  • Co-branded Emails 
  • Third-Party Email Newsletters 
  • Viral Emails 
  • Event-Triggered Emails
  • House E-newsletters 

Effective Creative Introducing


  • CRABS- Do your Emails have Crabs?
  • Email Template Model
  • Best Practices
  • NLP Demonstrations (Neuro linguistic programming) to Understand Customers Better

Nurturing & Automation

  • Tools to Enhance Lead Nurturing
  • Enhance Better Reach
  • Analyze Behavior Patterns
  • Analytics
  • Automation and More

Resources to do situational analysis and progressive updates

  • Customer Personal Toolkit
  •  Complete Email Marketing Worksheet
  • Email Marketing Health Check
  • Content Editorial Calendar
  • Email Campaign Calculator
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Toolkit
  • Email Contact Strategy Template
  • Structuring Digital Marketing Team
  • Web Resources to Improve Subject lines, HTML Codes, Spam Testers, and Deliverability Issues

Email Automation

  • Introduction to Automation
  • -What is Automation?
  •  -How does it Work?
  • -What are the Benefits?
  • Choosing an Automation Platform
  • -Features & Functions Available
  • -What are Workflows? How to Create a Workflow?
  • -Cost
  • -Most Widely Used Platforms


  • Simple Automation Functions from MailChimp
  • -Click to Reply Options – Demonstrated
  • -Other Features Explained
  • -Results – Demonstrated – Practical

Duration: 8 hours

Learning Outcomes:
Create appealing content for your promotional emails.
Learn to properly segment users based on their demographics and interests.
Create relevance of your product for the prospects to convert them into customers.

Tools you will Learn: