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Step 1:  Define your positioning on twitter

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The first thing you need to decide is how you want people to preserve you on Twitter.
Your positioning will decide your Twitter account details, Twitter handles you will follow and the tweets that you will do. That’s the reason, why you should finalize your positioning before you do anything on Twitter.

  • On Twitter, people network around your interest. It is more important to state your interest than who you are on Twitter.
  • Twitter is known for short and crispy way of communication. You don’t have to worry about writing complete sentences.


  • Entrepreneur, startups evangelist likes ML, Big Data, robotics, NLP, photography. Previously in robotics, solar, UAVs
  • Vermont native, Lucene / Solr Committer, Cloudera, little nuts, invests for fun. Bits of my brain in tweet form. Washed first. Sometimes.


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