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Step 1: Work in detail with Keyword Research

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What & Why of Keyword Research

Doing good keyword research is like being a seasoned fisherman, casting his net at the right place, at the right time

  • Whether you like it or not, keyword research is at the core of pay-per-click marketing and SEO practices.
  • Keyword selection is fundamental to success when it comes to executing a paid search or PPC campaign.

Different Keyword Match Types:

Before moving to keyword research, let’s have a basic understanding about different match types options available to us. We some time call them risk management options, as by using controlled version of match we are lowering our risk of wasting money on unwanted clicks.


Now, let’s move to our keyword research

List of activities for Keyword Research:

To understand it better, we will be doing keyword research and categorization into adgroups for our example project ‘Classic Chocolate Bakery’

  1. Open “Keyword Planner” from tools at the top. Click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”keyword_search_2
  2. Lets prepare a keyword list which people might search when looking for our offerings (Seed list). You can get some ideas from Google search as shown below:
  • homemade chocolate online
  • chocolate bouquet
  • handmade chocolates
  • homemade chocolate
  • best chocolates
  • handmade gifts
  • chocolates online delhi
  • handmade chocolate gifts

Enter your seed list in keywords planner and change your target location. For our example we will change target location to NCR area.

If you are targeting a niche market and getting lower search volume, you can do your research at pan level as well to get more keyword ideas.



  1. You can select predefined adgroups which are relevant or can download the complete keyword list in excel and sort keyphrases & create custom adgroups.
    Note: We Recommend to use predefined adgroups and weed out the keyphrases which are not relevant.
  1. Use Excel to separate relevant keyphrases which are:As Google adwords has already divided the keywords into tightly themed adgroups. Now let’s understand the keyword strategy to keep or weed out the keywords:
    1. Specific to your business
    2. Have decent search volume
    3. Low competition
    4. Separate Negative keyphrases (not to waste our budget on the negative key phrases)
  2. For our example to start, we will be adding modifier broad match along with phrase match.

For our ‘Classic Chocolate Bakery’ example here are few adgroups :


Chocolate Gift Handmade Chocolates Bouquets Online
“chocolate gift boxes”
+chocolate +gifts
“chocolate gifts online”
“chocolate gift baskets”
“chocolate gift packs”
“gift chocolate online”
+homemade +chocolate +gift packs
“chocolates gifts online”
+chocolate +gift +box
“online chocolate gifts”
+handmade +chocolate
“handmade chocolates online”
“handmade chocolate gifts”
“handmade chocolate online”
“handmade chocolate boxes”
+chocolate +bouquet +online
“chocolate bouquets online”
“chocolate bouquet online india”
“online chocolate bouquet”
“buy chocolate bouquet online”
“send chocolate bouquet online”
“chocolate bouquets online india”
Chocolates Delhi Handmade Gifts
“homemade chocolates in delhi”
“homemade chocolates delhi”
“chocolate bouquet online delhi”
“chocolate bouquet delhi”
“send chocolates online delhi”
“buy chocolates online delhi”
+chocolates +online +delhi”
“best chocolates in delhi”
“order chocolates online delhi”
“chocolate online delhi”
+chocolates in +delhi
+handmade +gifts
“handmade gifts for friends”
“handmade gift”
“best handmade gifts”
“easy handmade gifts”


Now our excel sheet is ready with required adgroups.



  1. Don’t use ‘broad match’ until and unless you have really low search volume or targeting a very niche market.
  2. Decide about informative keyphrases such as:
    1. how to make chocolate
    2. how to make homemade chocolate,
    3. chocolate recipe

    These kind of phrases are good to add if you have information to share, as it won’t lead to instant conversion but may lead to conversion at later stage.

  3. Keep checking your ‘search term’ report for more keywords or negative keywords
  4. Don’t add duplicate keywords
  5. Don’t add more than 15-20 keywords into one adgroup as tighten theme adgroups lead to better conversion.
  6. Here is a great video to understand about keyword planner:


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