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Step 2: Conceptualize your ad copies

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All online ads are essentially clickable messages that connect customers with your website or landing page so be specific with your messages.

Here are sample text ads for our ‘Classic Bakery’ example. While creating ads for your campaign, replace the website name with yours if you have one:

 Example 1:

Homemade Chocolates
Special Diwali & Wedding Gifts
Flat 10% Discount, Order Today! Chocolate


Example 2: 

Buy Chocolate Bouquets
Special Homemade Chocolate Gifts
Free Shipping on Orders above 499! 

Example 3:

{keyword: Homemade Chocolates Online}

Diwali, Corporate, Wedding gifts
Specialists in customized, Order Today!



  • Always follow the best practices to create ad copy:
    • Highlight – Unique Value Preposition (UVP)
    • Include at least one of your keywords in your ad text
    • Tell your customers what they can do
    • Highlight what makes your business, product, or offer unique from your competition
    • Include prices, promotions, and exclusives
    • Wise use of Display URL


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